You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the knife.
Find the special button on the back panel of your mobile device Nokia N70. At the same time pressing on it, pull the cover to open the battery compartment of your phone. If the cover is difficult to remove, push it stronger at the base, it happens mostly in cases when the phone is new.
In other models of Nokia devices may also meet the side mount for the phone cover, in this case, simultaneously press the buttons that hold it on the sides and prying it down, if it isn't broken itself. If you have a manual, look at the first pages, the process of removing the cover, it is mandatory prescribed for each phone model.
If you want to remove the top panel from a mobile phone Nokia N70, use a small Phillips screwdriver and mild with a knife. Remove the battery, checking underneath the stock fasteners. Some of them can be visible under the stickers. Unscrew them with a Phillips screwdriver and try to remove the lid, prying it from one side. If you can't do without foreign objects, use a flat screwdriver or non-sharp knife.
Unscrew the chip of the phone, remove the screws that secure the front panel of the phone. Remove it by disconnecting the keyboard. Be careful with the speaker and mounts the screen, try not to damage the hinge with a chip device.
Best record in a phased sequence of extraction devices, to further correctly perform the Assembly. The phone disassembly always perform the pre-unplugging it from the power source, always remove the battery. Do not use for opening the case sharp objects and knives for paper.