You will need
  • Phone, card.
Carefully read the instructions included in the package of your phone. On different models insert a memory card in a different way. Some of the phones card slots located on the side surfaces, the other – under the covers on the rear panel. Look in the user guide insert the memory card and produce it in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
In that case, if the user is not at hand, download it from the Internet. Find online user manual for your model and familiarize yourself with it. If the model is not new, information about any unit you can always find the archive site.
If you cannot access the Internet, look carefully at your mobile phone. If the slot for memory card located on the sidebar, the top, the lid will be pressed the arrow icon in a circle. Click on the cover. She can just lean back or move away with little effort if you pry it with your fingernail and take a little.
In the second case will have to exert a little effort, do not overdo it, not to break the cover. Phone put on the table up front panel. The memory card turn the gold contacts facing up and insert the holder until it stops, then close the door.
When the slot for the memory card you will not be able to detect on the side panels, look for it under the back cover. To the battery when it fell out, put the phone on the table, front cover down. Carefully remove the back cover. Under the rear panel there is a slot for a memory card. Insert the card by aligning its gilded contacts with your phone contacts, press the edge of the card until it clicks into place and close the back cover.
Some Nokia phones , mostly made in China, memory card slot may be located next to the SIM card, directly under the battery. Pull it out and insert the card into the slot with the contact area first. Align the card contacts with the device contacts, snap it back into place. Reinstall the battery by aligning the contacts with the device contacts. Close the rear cover.