The language of dreams consists of images of everyday life, which appear in dreams in a new form. These images can be explained in two ways: literal, when derived from dreams information correlated with the daily life and symbolic, in which information is "encrypted" (by means of symbols and signs). For example, seen in a dream flying means freedom and escape from everyday routine, and not a literal desire to fly.
For the interpretation of the dream is necessary to remember its main plot. Was he about home, journey, pursuit, flight, or about snakes, for example. The time when was seen the dream, indicates its significance in the real world. The closer to the waking hours he had, the more the dream reflects the problems of everyday life.
Next, analyze the place of sleep. You know it from the past or not. This will help to recognize children's problems and to reveal the essence of the present circumstances. It is also important watched you from the sidelines or been a direct participant. This will tell about the extent of your participation in this real life situation.
Check the atmosphere of the dream: whether it was bright and spacious or cramped and dark. Where exactly was the action: on land, in the water? Air symbolizes the mind, water – emotions, earth – money and wealth. For example, if you dream you are under the earth, this may mean finding a lost treasure.
The next step you need to perform dreams of people and animals. Traits of the heroes of dreams often talk about the qualities you want to develop. Animals and objects attach particular importance to these qualities. For example, the enemy may in a dream make a symbolic image of an angry bear. And bear hunting could mean that you are aware of a foe, and you are ready in a conflict situation to protect their interests.
Some of the characters and plots of dreams are universal and known around the world. Their value can be find out by looking in a dream book. For example, the loss of teeth in a dream can report about changes in life. Harassment means the desire to escape from problems, and death indicates new beginnings. But do not forget that each dream is unique and personal.
Oneirology, or the science of the study of dreams offers the easiest and most effective way of interpreting them – to record their dreams in a special diary and then analyze. Before you open your eyes, try to recreate the sleep pattern. Hold your attention on the images and sensations. Then as quickly as possible, to miss nothing, record the details of dreams and related associations.