The value of the surging of water in a dream

Waves of any body of water (sea, ocean) or waves that appeared in the dream, absolutely nowhere, can have polar opposite and at the same time the correct value. This is because water is the source of all life on earth. She was originally charged with positive emotions and positive perception. So, calm clear sea, lake, light waves, Sunny weather means many dream books a surge of vitality and good news. Completely opposite meaning carries with it a dark, murky and dirty water.
It is a symbol of the fights, emotional experiences, illness, and fatal errors (dream Miller, Tsvetkova).

Big waves, tsunami, flood in a dream

A huge wave, a tsunami, a flood, a flood that covers the horizon, cause in my sleep a state of terror. I want to run, to seek refuge, shelter, and feet, as a rule, do not obey either a suitable place is simply impossible to find. Heavy wave covered his head or go back, but because of some circumstances you stay alive and Wake up with anxiety and unpleasant emotional feelings.
The scenario of the dream may vary depending on the nature of the psyche, but the point remains the same: the danger, the fear, the hopelessness.

Tsunamis symbolize your attitude, behavior in the family, in society, at work, at home, anywhere. It's your state of mind and attitude to what is happening around you. The emotions that you experience in the dream, most likely you live in somewhere deep in the subconscious level. Hopelessness. You are letting your emotions get out of hand to make your life easier. Or it is likely you will not be able to get rid of them.

Analyze the current situation in your life. Chances are you dissatisfied with something. This can be a depressing lack of money, an unpleasant situation at work, hostile relations with family, other pressing problems in daily life cannot manage alone.

After each dream should be to perform your past day, week and maybe even month. It's possible you'll notice a certain trend, the cycle, when you dream of a tsunami, huge waves. Based on observations you can make to a conclusion, what is the meaning of tsunami and flooding specifically in your case.