The total value of dreams with turbulent water in the sea

If you decide to explain the meaning of your dreams, try to remember all the little details of the dream. The important role play any, even the most seemingly insignificant little things, they sometimes can change the meaning of a dream turned on its head. Do not ignore personal dream, if there is one.

Most often waves indicate anxiety, excitement and experiences. Small waves usually indicate your excitement with regards to some important events in life. After a dream in which you are standing on the waterfront watching the big waves is likely in the near future something might be troubling your soul.
You can handle it by going to Church or just praying.

Dream about how you see the waves, means you want to improve your level of skill in a particular matter. If the water is clean and the waves are small, the fate of contribute to the fulfillment of your wishes and realization of ideas.

What threatens the dreams with big waves?

Watch the storm to life's challenges and problems. If after a storm the water becomes calm, the difficulties will be short and you successfully cope with them. But he saw in a dream that someone got hurt from the storm, it is better to do everything in order to avoid possible troubles, the probability to win the struggle with the fate of the small.

Tidal wave — Herald of misery waiting for you. Often the person who saw the dream, feels the impossibility of control of the situation and sometimes feels the desire to start with a clean slate.
If you see dirty waves, be very careful in making decisions because the risk is great to make a fatal mistake.

A dream in which you completely covered a big wave with dark, dirty water threatens to big trouble, from fights with loved ones to ill health. In addition, such a dream could indicate wasted time (money, effort). However, if in the dream you carries a big wave with clear water and the situation does not scare you, then all initiatives will be successful.

To dream of a tsunami — scandals, loss and despair. Especially such dream is to be feared for married people for women is a sign of a quarrel with her mother in law, for men with the mother.

The most positive value from the large waves that you dream control (possible win), it says early success and favorable resolution of all issues.