The most delicious and tender chicken liver obtained if you cook it in the envelope of culinary parchment. Baked it at the same vapor that comes from vegetables, which you cannot get out. But a pleasant taste and softness of the food is not all the advantages that belong to this method of cooking. Moreover, the new liver is lower in calories, the dish does not need to interfere, and, therefore, constantly present in the kitchen, and, moreover, do not have to dirty extra dishes.

The best way to cook liver in parchment a La carte, put in the envelope the number of ingredients designed for one person.

For cooking chicken liver with vegetables in parchment, you need to clean the meat product from the film and bile ducts, and then cut it into pieces. After slicing, leave the livers for about 30 minutes in cold water. Next finely cut all vegetables. You can take zucchini, tomatoes, onions, carrots and red bell pepper.

The parchment is smeared with a small amount of any vegetable oil, and then he laid out a portion of liver slices and vegetables. In the last turn in the envelope sent tablespoon of sour cream with salt and your favorite seasonings.

Cook the dish for about 25 minutes without stirring. Serve the liver to table with mashed potatoes or as a standalone hot without side dish.