First and foremost, the reason you're blue fingers or toes may be poor blood circulation. Poor circulation in the limbs leads to the fact that fingers do not get sufficient amount of blood. From this, they lose their normal pinkish color, getting slightly bluish. To combat such problems is several times a day to stretch your arms and legs, wiggle your toes. It is desirable to do sports. If blue is not only the fingers, but the nail plate, lips, you should consult a cardiologist. These signs often point to heart failure. In the case that the blueness of the fingers coincides with the swelling of the shoulders or neck, you should pay attention on the pillow and the mattress on which you sleep. Perhaps we should replace them anatomical - hugs the contours of the body and supporting it in the right position all night. Also the blueness of fingers of the limbs can cause such diseases as vegetative - vascular dystonia (Central type). A thrombosis has the ability to affect the color of the limbs. If you can't find adequate reasons for the blueing of fingers, pass the examination by the following doctors: neurologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist and surgeon. Do not delay going to the experts, because for minor symptoms may hide serious diseases. Their early detection allows the body is provided with minimal losses and to organize an effective treatment.