When parting lovers could give many reasons, but in reality no one really important. Sometimes to stay together prevent patterns of behavior, looking back at the others. If two people love each other, already having a family, public opinion is just forcing them to leave. All this talk of "good advisers" requests, think about the children and parents. Of course, they need to think, but to forget that this life is yours and it is one, is not worth it. And what good will your children next to miserable, broken creature that is their dad or mom? Be civilized and no scandals to come out of such a situation and to save his love.With favourite do not leave! Long and frequent travel is gradually separated people, they get used to do without each other. Lovers need to feel partner skin, hear his breath, watching the fluttering eyelashes of the beloved without feelings fade, there is constant fatigue of longing for a partner. If the road cannot be abandoned for objective reasons, find a way to travel together. No wonder the wives of the Decembrists followed their husbands! Often the reason for the separation of loving people is a misunderstanding, an accident, someone's evil intent. Do not rush to break off relations, if you think that your partner is cheating on you. Sometimes a Frank conversation is found some stupid nonsense that was the basis for suspicion. And, if you create a scandal with the smashing of crockery and mutual insults could leave, because I said to each other much. Even after learning exactly what the beloved has cheated on you, do not rush to act rashly. The circumstances are so different that in most cases it is possible to forgive the person you love and who loves you.The inability to build your total life can also be the reason for the breakup of loving people. There can be no improper expenditure of General materiel, and inept cooking women, and the reluctance of men to help around the house. Usually, you only go to meet each other, find compromises to solve these problems.People are not completely alone - they have relatives, friends, acquaintances. If they for some reason decided to separate a loving couple, they can do it. Be attentive to the words of the people around you, it is better to prevent conflict than to eliminate its consequences.True love is rare, if you have such a miracle, keep it, a second chance may not be.