Psychologists highlighted the 6 main causes of divorce. Oddly enough, the first reason is the reluctance of young couples to marriage. If the marriage is being committed to living together, compromises pair will be hard to find. But after a quarrel will come the divorce.

The second reason is addiction of a spouse. They at all on hearing: alcohol, Smoking, gambling or drugs. If the chosen one doesn't want to change in a positive way and to give up their habit, then it comes to divorce.

The third reason is infidelity, or cheating. Sometimes infidelity one to blame for both of the spouses, but, nevertheless, to forgive is very difficult. For many it is impossible, and the couple eventually divorced.

The fourth cause is the unstable financial situation in the family. The main reason is the lack of housing, inability to buy her own apartment because living with parents is also a challenge.

The fifth reason - different views on life. For example, the husband prefers hard rock, and the wife listens exclusively to classical music. Most likely, this couple from different social strata. Against the background of love, the differences are not noticeable, but when it passes, everything falls into place.

The sixth reason is the most ticklish. It's either dissatisfaction in the bedroom, or problems with the reproductive system. Instead of solving these problems together, couples often break up. Maybe I think the choice will be more than will to endure, to forgive and to understand, and there's also the reverse situation. After careful weighing, the chosen one was seen in the best light. Loving people will always be able to solve all the problems and save the marriage. But there are times when love goes away with the reluctance of the second half to change something in yourself, to do everything possible to improve relations. When no one does not want to listen, understand, should try to solve these problems. If you fail, then divorce is inevitable. But the attempt – not torture.

Most importantly, for quarrels not to forget those good moments that were in the relationship. Happiness often comes along with misfortune.