Do not slander

If you and your partner have problems, work them out with him. High, ask for advice to a very close friend. But do not slander constantly, even once in the environment of poor women. So you will be one of them. Whining is contagious and addictive.

Don't remember bad

Try to learn how to automatically forget everything that your husband has not fulfilled what was forgotten. What you don't remember won't hurt you. If in your mind you will make a list of imaginary sins at the end of this list you will see a red point — divorce.

Be sensitive

What does it mean? In order to have a peaceful and long term relationship, accept the fact that women are more empathetic than men. It's been scientifically proven, and means that you much easier to understand why he behaves in a certain way, rather than Vice versa. You have more chances to understand him, so at least try to do it.

Beware of fists

You really want to live with the person you want to beat? So either learn to control myself, or find someone else who doesn't want to hurt you. Otherwise, he'll find another.

Do not be silent

Forget about the proverbial, "what's the matter?" – "Nothing". Never say "nothing" if there is "something". Don't leave problems for yourself. If something is troubling you, decide that. If you can't decide, share with your husband.