Feeling the first symptoms of illness, as soon as possible start the treatment. If you are at home, better stay in, and dedicate all day to their health.
If the thermometer shows that you have a fever of 37 to 38 degrees, do not try to downgrade using fever-reducing drugs. Your body fights viruses, do not prevent him.
Take more fluids – water, tea, juices. Brew herbs – chamomile, rosehips, raspberries, currants. Try is smaller that the body has spent time on the processing of food and the recovery of the body.
Do not forget about vitamin C. He is chief assistant in the fight against the common cold. Eat more oranges, kiwi, black currant, cabbage, onions, garlic. Drink lemon water.
One of the most unpleasant phenomena during a cold is a runny nose. Thanks to it you cease to feel, smell, taste of food, in addition to throat dryness. Using only the defected sprays and drops for nose, you don't cure the cold, but only temporarily stop the congestion.
You must comply with the wet climate, with a temperature of 20-22 degrees above zero. Periodically ventilate the room to the microbes could not reproduce.
Also, use saline solution for nasal lavage. 200 ml of water 1 tsp of salt. Do washing throughout the day, every hour, the cold can stop.
The sore throat, rinse with warm herbs and water with soda and salt.
Essential oils are good helpers in the fight against colds. For example, propolis tincture or fir oil eases breathing. Keep the throat warm, wrap it with a warm scarf. During a cold get plenty of rest, sleep. Sleep restores energy and helps to cope with the disease faster.