To cure a cold as quickly as possible, take antipyretic and painkillers medications.
It is recommended to drink plenty of liquids. Preferably fruit drinks, juices, mineral water and tea. Helps raspberry.
Make hot foot baths. When cold drip nose drops, better plant-based. Take vitamin C. rest.
At the first symptoms of angina begin to gargle with the decoction of chamomile or with a solution of 1 h spoon salt, 1 h spoon soda and 4 drops of iodine per liter of water. It is necessary to rinse often.You can use antibacterial sprays for the oral cavity. "Ingalipt", "Stopangin" and others. If you can't use sprays, buy lozenges.If you have a fever " have a fever. And, of course, a sore throat cannot be cured without antibiotics, especially in the shortest possible time. Consult a doctor or take an antibiotic of the group that you assigned earlier. Drink plenty of liquids, as in other diseases, speed up the recovery.
Bronchitis can be cured only with antibiotics and mucolytic agents. Antibiotics, usually prescribed prolonged action. The faster they fight infection in the bronchi and in combination with mucolytic drugs improve the expectoration of sputum.Cure bronchitis for one day will not work. The regimen is quite complex and it assigns a therapist.
If you felt slight discomfort during the epidemic of influenza, take antiviral medicine.
To relieve already existing symptoms of "the flu".Flu symptoms differ little from cold, but complications are very insidious. The flu is not treatable, the body must overcome and develop temporary immunity, the duration of which is short, usually a few months.
Rheumatic and joint pain you can take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of tablets and ointments. Smear the affected area with ointment for best results, after ingestion of oral tablets. The condition will improve significantly in the first hours, and the next day, you might forget about their disease.
All other diseases are treated after diagnosis, and resolution of the diagnosis. If you can't understand what you have a sore, contact the hospital. Any self-medication is dangerous.