First, provide yourself root permissions. To do this, download one of these programs: Kingo Android Pramaroot, Vroot, Unlock Root. Then using Windows Explorer go to "Properties" and enable R/W. typically, this will be enough. If you can't give the user root access to view specific instructions for your model.
Next, download the app called Disk Digger. After it is installed, click on start and confirm the transfer of rights to the program. You will see a window that displays the storage device and the different sections. You need to know where the files you want to restore, the process completed successfully.
First of all, select on which device they were located (on the device or on flash drive). In most cases, the necessary information is stored on an external drive, so you'll likely need a second option. Most often, the folder will be called sdcard or mnt/sdcard. Once the desired section is selected, the program will start scanning. In the left window you can see files that were able to detect the program.