Call from an influential friend

This technique can be used in any difficult situations or those moments when something very much you want. Your friend must be very powerful, able to solve any problem.

What will be he looks up to you. You create yourself an image of who you call. It can be adult, serious man, a Director of a large plant for the execution of cherished desires. It is clear that such a busy man can't answer calls, so he certainly has a personal Secretary – a cute fragile girl who sometimes answers your calls when her boss too busy addressing other pressing issues.

For communicating with your influential friend, you can use any object: mobile phone, TV remote control, microphone from karaoke – in General, any object that was at hand at the moment.

Call your influential friend at any time, communicate with them politely and tell him the truth. Always at the end of the conversation, thank him for his help.

This ritual will help you become more confident and positive. Nice to know that there will always be a powerful person you can call at any time.

Sometimes happen that you will speak only with a Secretary. Tell her about your problem and she will be happy to transfer your request to your boss as soon as he's free.

The casket of desires

Buy or make your hands beautiful box, the casket, the casket that you would really like. On the cover make the sign that its good to be seen: "Everything that there is Exists!". You can write this phrase on paper and glue.

Now your task is to collect magazine clippings, catalogues and leaflets that you wanted to experience in my life. For example, you want a beautiful house - put in your "Larets desires" pictures with the items of furniture and pictures of the cottages. You must believe that everything contained in your magic box actually exists.

Don't be afraid to dream, the more new ideas and desires you put into your treasured chest, the more favorable will be the universe to you.

Over time you will begin to notice that your desires will slowly start to come true.

The door of desires

For this simanovskogo ritual you will need the usual interior door. Focus on your desire and say it as if it's already done.

Write your wish on a piece of paper and stick it with tape to the door. Close the door. Now with expression read aloud your desire, open the door and step across the threshold like do a step towards your dream. Do this 27 times.

The key thing here is to correctly formulate the desire and joy to cross the threshold.

If you, for example, wish to lose weight, formulate your request as follows: "I eat only healthy and low-calorie food" or "I Have a very beautiful figure." Remember: "don't" and "want" should not be present in your desire.

Open the door and cross the threshold you must like rush towards your dream, with an open heart and with exclusively positive emotions.

Now, after this simanovskogo ritual, every time you will open any any door or step over the threshold, repeat your desire (to yourself). From now on, every open you the door to becoming your reliable guide on the path to implement the most cherished dreams.