To wish for 1 day, it should be very strong and motivate you so that you will not find a place while it won't come true. There is even a special method of visualization, when a person continuously is that we have already achieved the desired, for example, operates the car of your dreams is in a relationship with a girl, in love with, etc. Some people believe that thoughts have a real basis, and the universe is able to obey the man and give him what he wants.
If you want to make a wish come true for one day, try to make something that can actually come true. For example, a girl can wish any young man would pay her attention and desire of the person with financial difficulties may be the appearance of the much-anticipated source of income. Thus, first and foremost, it is important not just something to want, and to set a specific and attainable goal.
Not expect miracles and that wish came true in one day itself. First of all, consider what actions on your part led to the most rapid achievement of the goal. For example, if we turn to the examples already given, the girl may commit only one act that will force the young man to pay attention to it and even admire it. It can be a beautiful photo or a video, poem or song of his own composition, available on the Internet. And sometimes to Express your feelings, you just need to have the courage to call or write the. The man, who dreams to earn, it may one day post my detailed resume, to view his methods of earnings in the network and in your city, and it also will bring certain results.
Gather together all the knowledge and skills that will help quickly achieve the desired. It can be advice of successful people, friends and relatives, peers or teachers at school and University, etc. In my life a person accumulates is just a huge wealth of knowledge, and if they consistently organize and try to apply in appropriate situations, you will be almost unattainable goals.
It is important not to despair and not to lower hands, even if it seems that wishes do not come true so quickly. If you make at least the minimum efforts and take effective action, you still get at least closer to achieving its goal even for one day. And if we continue again and again to move in the right direction, the end result will not keep itself waiting long.