Advice 1: How to get rid of static electricity in the apartment

The effect of static electricity in the apartment caused by friction or moving of garments, shoes, home decor. From the point of view of physics is the transfer of the smallest particles – electrons from the surface of one object to another. This phenomenon is accompanied by an unpleasant crackling, sparking, and can spoil not only mood but also health of the person. There are some tips that will help to get rid of static electricity in the house.
How to get rid of static electricity in the apartment
You will need
  • - a humidifier;
  • water;
  • terrycloth towels;
  • - potted plants;
  • spray-antistatic;
  • - softener.
The main reason for the formation of static charges is severe dryness of the air in the room. You can deal with it with a regular wet cleaning and airing. In addition, to moisturize the air, wet towels hanging on the radiators. However, don't forget to moisten them with water. If funds allow, purchase a special device – a humidifier. It not only removes static electricity, but also significantly improve your home atmosphere.
Faithful allies in the fight against static electricity are plants. Chlorophytum, dracaena, ficus, Spathiphyllum are not only able to remove static charge, but also to absorb particles of heavy metals, disinfect the room.
It is hard to imagine the modern interior of the apartment without the use of synthetic materials. But they are the main culprits of static electricity. Try to give preference to furniture, linen and carpets made from natural fabrics. Natural, environmentally friendly materials – the key to the lack of static electricity in the house, and therefore your wellbeing.
Another important factor influencing the statics in the room – the large number of electric devices, concentrated in one place. If you abandon the equipment you are able to, ensure that it is not working simultaneously for a long time.
In order to protect themselves from charges of static electricity indoors, wear clothes made from natural cotton or linen materials. Synthetic things are treated with special sprays with antistatic agents, or caress them, using fabric softener.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of statics

Wear clothing made of artificial materials is often a problem caused by static electricity clothing is electrified due to friction arising at walking. It delivers discomfort and discomfort. Moreover, the accumulated static electricity can have a negative impact on the body.
How to get rid of statics
You will need
  • - air conditioning;
  • - antistatic in endovascular treatment;
  • - the capacity of the pulverizer;
  • - water.
Every time you wash during the last rinse add water softener with antistatic effect. Not only does it save things from static electricity but will make them more soft and pleasant to the touch. Carefully read the recommendations on the package. They must indicate for which types of fabrics fit the tool.
If you wash the thing with conditioning is difficult (e.g., outerwear), then use the antistatic agent in the cylinder. Spraying should at thing at a distance of 20-30 centimeters below the tool was distributed evenly over the surface of the garment. It is important to consider that the use of the antistatic agent is better in a ventilated area (e.g. on the balcony) because it has a strong smell; and not to use in the room where you sleep. It is best after spraying the funds are not immediately put on clothes, and give her otvisetsya to erode the smell.
To quickly get rid of static electricity, when there is no static, you can use the following method: take a container of spray, take some water and add in the specified on the packaging proportions required quantity of softener. Spray this mixture on clothing to light moisture. This method does not give such a good effect, as when washing with the conditioner, but for some time will help eliminate static electricity.
If you are not at home, and there is no possibility to use special tools, it is possible to solve the problem with water. Wet your hands and gently smooth clothes so she was a bit moist (but not wet). This will help to get rid of strong electrification things.
Try not to put on just a few things from artificial fabrics. This reduces the likelihood of static. Better to choose clothes made of cotton and linen.

Advice 3 : How to remove static electricity on clothes

Static electricity occurs due to the accumulation of electric charges on the surface of a non conductor. One of its causes - the friction materials with each other. For example, the friction on the human body clothes made of synthetics or wool. The electrons are redistributed, resulting in the one body of accumulated negative charges and the other positive. Bodies begin to be attracted to each other, and when discharge occurs "spark" that is sometimes visible to the naked eye.
How to remove static electricity on clothes
You will need
  • - antistatic;
  • water;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • cream;
  • - a plant.
To avoid discomfort "prick", you have to use special fabric conditioners when washing. They remove static electricity and permanently protect against its occurrence. Their analogue can be considered as the spray-antistatic agents, which are sprayed on clothing and will instantly relieve the annoying problems.
You can try the popular recipe - after washing next to drying Laundry to put a bucket of water, to make the air more humid. This prevents the accumulation of static electricity. For aesthetic spectacle a bucket of water can replace a large plant. It also creates humidity around saving things from the charges.
The most effective way to get rid of "current" is to buy clothes only from natural materials such as silk, cotton, cashmere, etc. Natural fabrics have moisture-absorbing ability, thereby virtually does not accumulate charges. Synthetic fabrics, in aggregate with static electricitymeters have a negative impact on human skin. They irritate nerve endings, leading to changes in vascular tone, skin sensitivity and the change of capillary flow.
As for shoes, here the situation is much simpler. In the shoes is enough to put the cotton insoles that will prevent the accumulation of electricity. To replace them can special anti-static strips that are glued to sole.
Unfortunately, the average buyer is 100% to avoid buying synthetics is almost impossible. In small quantities it contains and in expensive fabrics, because with it, they acquire the ability to wrinkle less after washing.
Useful advice
If the problem of static electricity caught you by surprise in the event the skin can apply the cream or lotion. If you in stockings or tights, apply the cream directly on them.

Another "emergency" method - hairspray. Spray it on the clothes from the inside and allow to dry.

Advice 4 : The best place in the apartment for air conditioner

When you install air conditioning in the apartment it is very important to choose the right place for the indoor unit. It is not only that in case of an error the device can spoil the interior, but also that from the nature of the location will depend on the efficiency of the equipment.
The best place in the apartment for air conditioner

The main features of the choice of location for installation of the air conditioner

One of the simplest and most important rules of choice of location for installation of such devices States that the flow of air in any case should not be aimed directly at the people. This means that you should not locate the air conditioner above the bed, a sofa, an armchair, a Desk – in General, in those parts of the room where people spend a lot of time.
The stereotype, if air conditioners are harmful to health, and their use leads to a cold, appeared due to frequent errors in the choice of location for the installation of such a device.

It is important that over-conditioning and under it had a lot of free space. As a rule, the distance from the top of the indoor unit to the ceiling is at least 10 cm from the Bottom shouldn't be a massive high pieces of furniture, preventing the flow of air. This means that you can set the air conditioner above Cabinet, tall dresser, the rack – not the best idea. The distance from the bottom of the indoor unit prior to the items must be at least 70 cm.
Please note that air conditioning, located above the Cabinet will continue to blow away the accumulating on the surface of dust. This means that you will have frequent wet cleaning.

Keep in mind another important point. The distance between the outside unit, which is mounted on the outside, and internal, located in the apartment, should not be large. The longer the route, the lower the efficiency of the device. It is therefore possible, it is better to install the equipment closer to the outer wall.

Additional recommendations

It is important that the air conditioning did not spoil the interior. Time massive devices, the choice of which people were guided only by questions of convenience, is long gone. Modern air conditioners can perfectly fit into the interior, but it is important that the place for installation was chosen correctly. If you are not sure what to do the task yourself, seek help from a designer.

Choosing the location for mounting the indoor unit, consider how freely air can move around the room and how much will be evenly distributed temperature. Not recommended to place the device in the corner – in this case, most of the room is still hot due to uneven cold air distribution and malfunctioning of the temperature sensors.
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