You will need
  • - a humidifier;
  • water;
  • terrycloth towels;
  • - potted plants;
  • spray-antistatic;
  • - softener.
The main reason for the formation of static charges is severe dryness of the air in the room. You can deal with it with a regular wet cleaning and airing. In addition, to moisturize the air, wet towels hanging on the radiators. However, don't forget to moisten them with water. If funds allow, purchase a special device – a humidifier. It not only removes static electricity, but also significantly improve your home atmosphere.
Faithful allies in the fight against static electricity are plants. Chlorophytum, dracaena, ficus, Spathiphyllum are not only able to remove static charge, but also to absorb particles of heavy metals, disinfect the room.
It is hard to imagine the modern interior of the apartment without the use of synthetic materials. But they are the main culprits of static electricity. Try to give preference to furniture, linen and carpets made from natural fabrics. Natural, environmentally friendly materials – the key to the lack of static electricity in the house, and therefore your wellbeing.
Another important factor influencing the statics in the room – the large number of electric devices, concentrated in one place. If you abandon the equipment you are able to, ensure that it is not working simultaneously for a long time.
In order to protect themselves from charges of static electricity indoors, wear clothes made from natural cotton or linen materials. Synthetic things are treated with special sprays with antistatic agents, or caress them, using fabric softener.