A priority of the assist by the electric shock is to stop the current action on the victim. It's off the circuit breaker or Unscrew the tubes, removing the electrical wires from the body using a stick or rope, etc.

After the release of the victim from the wires, you need to inspect it, treating wounds with an alcohol solution or a weak solution of potassium permanganate, impose sterile bandages.

The patient must drink an infusion of Valerian, drops Zelenina, to give a tablet of aminopyrine or dipyrone. It is also recommended to drink plenty of liquids (water, juice, tea), you should not drink alcoholic beverages and coffee.

Even in mild lesions with slight dizziness, headache or pain in the heart, the patient must immediately be taken to the hospital, and lying down and warm covering.

An electric shock, which caused respiratory arrest and "apparent death" by calling an ambulance, you need to do artificial respiration method "mouth to mouth" hold chest compressions. First aid if not breathing should begin within the first five minutes of the accident.

Burns in electrical injuries and are treated conservatively because the uncertainty of their borders and the great length of damaged blood vessels. In severe lesions, even the normal state of health in the first hours does not guarantee a positive treatment outcome. There are cases when the victims, who came from serious condition, after some time died.

The defeat of atmospheric electricity has a powerful (more than a million volts), but short discharge. Lightning causes more severe lesions, such as the isolation of individual body parts, charring, symmetrical movement disorders. Treatment is the same as with electrocution. When gently struck by lightning, if the person is just stunned, you need to spray the victim with water, RUB the limbs, chest and back alcohol solution, vinegar or water, to the nose cotton wool with liquid ammonia, applying mustard plasters on the calves of the legs.

All arrangements for first aid are made only after calling "emergency". In good health, the victim should see a medical professional.