Shock damage internal organs, causing disorder of the nervous system, affects the cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal system and increases the pressure.

The main effects of electric current:

- heat (during the flow of current through any body heat, it causes burns);
- chemical (electrolysis causes decomposition of chemical substances in the parts).
- lighting (if electric discharge occurs, the arc creates a powerful visible and ultraviolet radiation that can cause temporary blindness and complete loss of vision);
reflex (current flow can cause a sudden contraction of the muscles; some electricians, in violation of all safety rules, check is the wire, a quick touch of his hand; they relate to his the back of his hand; even if the hand reflex compressed, the fingers will not shrink onto the wire).
pain (sharp contraction of the muscles causes the pain; by the electrolysis produces gases that create a huge pressure inside the muscle).

Scientific facts

It has been proven that the human body has an effect not a voltage and electric current. It is believed that the current in 0.1 A is enough to mortally injure the man. But it's the amount of current flowing in the bulb of a pocket flashlight.
At the same time known documentary evidence, when the people were alive after they were struck by lightning, and after his execution in the electric chair.

Under the same stress in different bodies amperage are different. It depends on the characteristics of the body electrical resistance. What it is, the less the current. Human body resistance is determined by many factors. Chief among them is the condition of the skin. If the skin is dry, clean, there are no cuts, scrapes, its resistance is large. Resistance is lowered in people sick, drunk, on drugs. People in a good, chipper mood resistance is greater.

The most dangerous current through the left arm and leg. Is it the longest path through the human body passes through the heart.
The strike is DC more dangerous than AC stroke of the same power. Constant current is called advanced electrolysis of fluids in the body of living organisms, and the body of the liquid by 80%.

Most susceptible to shocks children.

Interesting facts

Popular belief States that a man struck by lightning, you need to put in the hole and covered with earth. The charge will then go into the ground. This is a misconception from the point of view of physics, medicine, biology.

7 times the lightning hit the American Roy Cleveland. He died his death in 1983