The first reason: makes no sense

If you just have a good think about it, the habit to insert in wallet photos of loved ones is somewhat ridiculous. What is the meaning of this action? If a person wants to have a permanent reminder of their favorite people, then what's the wallet?

You can order a medallion with a picture and wear the image of a dear person on the body. Now almost everyone has a phone where you can place a folder of images of loved ones and it regularly, when there is such a desire. If, during the separation, you want all the time to see the face of your loved one, put a picture on her Desk – this is beautiful and definitely safe.

Just a place where money is stored, and photos of your favorite people is not very harmonious together.

The second reason: energy

The pictures are very powerful energy. No wonder that a lot of sorcerers and psychics carry out various magical rituals in the images.

Money also have a strong energy field, are able to influence people. It turns out that the photo in the purse is at the epicenter money power and crosses it, stopping the flow of money and averting her good luck in Affairs related to Finance.

The third reason: superstitious

People there is a superstition that says that the person whose photo you carry in your wallet, will never be happy. The people who are in a romantic relationship, this sign promises a speedy separation and frustration in love.

Of course, to believe superstitions or not is a personal matter, but we must remember that "the smoke without fire does not happen.