What's in a name?

It is believed that the name chosen correctly your child can balance its harmony, to compensate for possible weaknesses of his character and enhance the natural flair. However, doubt in all this arise in a time when children assign the names of deceased relatives.

Why children are called names like that?

According to the tradition. It should be noted that the tradition to name children after deceased grandparents, great grandparents, in principle, is an ancient and respected. It is curious that she is still alive in many folk cultures. In addition, in some families, even "dead" names again after one or two generations.
If a family died a child, in any case can not be called by his name begat another child! Do not put an innocent at risk to adopt the unhappy fate of his brother or sister.

Why is not recommended to call the child's name deceased?

Even anciently, it was believed that no person affected by its name, quite the contrary. The ancients gave the names of some magical properties. They argued that behind every name lies his karma – positive or negative.

The legends say that the names of dead people also become "dead", but not in the literal sense of the word. The thing is, what is the name of a priori charged own destiny to his deceased owner, certain traits of his character and, of course, a powerful energy influence on the future of the medium.

The fact that a child is named for a deceased relative begins to grow and be formed in the corresponding energy atmosphere. He unconsciously absorbs all the information that was once inherent in this name, gradually finding some similarities with my "prototype".
Growing children often adopt the fate of their unfortunate name – they are sick, they have not got love life, they turn away lady luck. And change his unhappy name, they are unlikely to help.

Of course, this does not mean that all of the dead names is negative energy, but some of them are unhappy. In any case, it is not recommended to name your kid that name! Otherwise, he risks repeating the unfortunate fate of his "prototype".

How to find out the fate of the name of a deceased relative?

As a rule, everything is determined by human intuition and basic logic. Probably hardly anyone wants to assign to the child the name of a person who died tragically at an early age or died in serious pain from a serious illness.
In Russia, many people call their children after dead relatives, not even thinking about it. Why they do it – only God knows. Why are these people not think about the possible consequences of his act – is not clear.

The same can be said about the relatives, dishonest. If a man has done certain crimes, died in prison or, in principle, did not leave any good memories, then his name should not name their children.