You have decided on the creation of the conscious hallucinations. It should be noted that the creation of tulpae can take many months and not the fact that you have it will work. Do not engage in these practices to people with unstable mentality. You should be aware of the importance of this decision, because the consequences can be extremely unexpected.

The tulpa: a little history

In Tibetan Buddhism, a tulpa is a materialized embodiment of thought, a certain way. This is a deliberate, controlled hallucination, which can have its own memories and personality. In modern psychiatry a tulpa is certainly a mental disorder, although, if you look on the other hand, who doesn't have their "cockroaches in the head". An experienced psychiatrist may, if desired, to find a deviation of almost any person.

The Internet is literally teeming with different stories of how people have visualized your favorite anime characters and movies. Most likely, these messages are created by authors who are not even going to create an imaginary friend, but this idea with enthusiasm was accepted many single people. And here's some really started to turn.

It turns out that using some simple practices, you can create a completely separate personality in your head, which will be able to learn about the world through your senses.

This process is long and tedious, you may have to spend up to six months, but the result is worth it. Those people who have already succeeded in creating tulpae, argue that with an imaginary friend you can even to make love.

The tulpa: the process of creating

Create character your imaginary friend is the first step that needs to be paid special attention. You need to think about and record in a notebook the nature of your future conscious hallucinations. What will it be? You should have no difficulties to always remember the basic traits of your tulpae.

For example: curiosity, fun, sense of humor, resourcefulness, erudition. You can change the nature of your tulpae in the process of creation, but these features will be the basis.

Imaging is also an important step. Here you should clearly present your tulpa. It is desirable to have a portrait of her. You can select already existing image, which is what the vast majority of creators tulpa. Stock images, photos and videos. You need to constantly keep this image in my head.

Start mentally talking to this imaginary image. Invent for him the answers that correspond to the nature of your tulpae. Over time you will begin to understand what your imaginary friend starts to talk to you. Sometimes his answers to questions will even put you in a deadlock.

When creating the image, remember that if you create a tulpa you already know exists in reality, it can learn from his traits.

The creation of an imaginary world. At this stage, through simple meditations, you create a piece of an imaginary world, where she lives your tulpa. Your ultimate goal is to learn how to get into this imaginary world when you want to. The most common method is to imagine a ladder, rising on which you appear in front of the door leading to your fantasy world. Of course, you can think of another way.

After this step, can stop. You have already created a tulpa, which is successfully living in your fantasy world and you can come here at any time. You have full control of the situation. However, many seems this is not enough, they want to move from his hallucination in the real world. For this you will need to go through several stages although it is possible to stop at the already achieved success and not to let the tulpa free.

Visualization of tulpae. The most difficult stage. Here you need to make your brain believe in the real existence of your hallucination. Start chatting with your tulpa, i.e. to talk with emptiness. Do your homework – consult, watching TV – comment. Gradually you will start to hear in my head clear phrases, then added voice.

The transfer of tulpae in the real world. Every day you will start to get more and more response. The tulpa will gradually become your daily life. Her actions become all the more unexpected. As they say, those who managed to create a tulpa, the presence of a virtual other very much altered their existence. Many people have felt the inner freedom and completely changed their Outlook on life. The creation of tulpae – learning about yourself, your inner world. Imaginary friend helps to find the root cause of many problems and complexes and those who still dare to create it, will experience a truly incredible feeling. Most importantly, remember that a tulpa is a product of your brain, and not really existing person.