Life in the game "Indy cat"

In order to prevent players sitting in the game constantly and she doesn't have time to get bored, made only 5 lives. If the level is lost, you lose one life. On her recovery takes 25 min Maximum amount of lives is 5.

But if life is over and really want to play, you can buy a specific number or infinite lives for 1, 3 or 7 days. To buy bonuses and game for votes "Vkontakte" or for a special currency of the game is bows. Bows in addition to purchasing for votes, roulette, and the daily log in the game.

If you spend money do not want to, you can ask for lives from friends. After sending each other letters, life can be picked up within 24 hours, then it disappears.

The cells in the game "Indy cat"

The game has several types of cells:

  1. A simple cell. You shouldn't dwell on it attention, because it has no effects.
  2. The glass cell. To this cell to make simple, you need it to break 2 times crystals.
  3. Glass broken cell. Simplified the glass cell. Looks like cracked glass. To destroy it you have to smash the crystals on it 1 time.
  4. "Stone cat". This cell looks like a chiselled muzzle of a cat on the granite. To destroy it, to smash the neighboring cells 2 times.
  5. "Broken stone cat" simplified "stone cat", which can be broken by destroying the crystals next 1 time.
  6. "Reinforced stone cat — complicated cell "Stone cat". To destroy it, it is necessary to break the cells close to 3 times.
  7. Shell — cell with a black stone. Moves like regular crystals, but when you create a combination of shells they explode. To destroy it, we should blow up nearby cells.
  8. Pearl is almost identical with the shell cell. The difference lies in the fact that the impact of the bonus gems, the pearl absorbs the explosion and does not remove the cells that are behind it.
  9. Cell lock. Come in different colors. Possible to blow up, bringing with it a combination of three or more cells of the same color as the blocked crystal.
  10. Shell with lock. To blow up, we must act on it bonus crystal. After the explosion, the cell is transformed into a simple shell.
  11. The crossbar is placed between the cell and does not allow the crystals to descend independently. The problem with the bar often occurs at levels from runes. After all, to destroy it. So rune have his own move.
  12. Sand cell or infecting the cell. It's the worst cage of all. The peculiarity of it is that if next to the cage there will be no action, it increases by 1 cell next. To cope with the infection you can only blow up all the cells with the hourglass on the field.

Bonus combination in the game "Indy cat"

комбинации в игре «Инди Кот»

The image shows the possible combinations of the bonus crystals, but it is not specified what happens in each case.

  • In the first embodiment, all the cells horizontally and vertically to explode;
  • In the second variant appears 3x3 square from which there will be an explosion of all horizontal and vertical cells.
  • In the third embodiment the cell is a "bomb" will turn on all the playing field of crystals with the same color bonus. Immediately after the conversion they are a blast. New bonus stones can be both horizontal and vertical blast;
  • The fourth option will explode all the cells on the playing field.

In addition to the combinations in the game, you can buy or get for free the following valuable bonuses:

  • "Undo" allows you to undo the last action 1;
  • Foot. Can swap any 2 of the crystal;
  • The whip will destroy the cell 1 together with the crystal;
  • Coin. If necessary, it must be selected prior to the passing level. She appears on the field and when you move it horizontally in any direction, the sides appear vertical of bonus gems. If the coin to move up or down, there will be bonus crystals with a horizontal explosion. It is best to choose the direction of movement of the coin based on the large number of crystals on the side.
  • "The bomb". It's the same bonus crystal, which appears when you collect 5 gems in one row.
  • The ball destroys all 3 of stone on the field the same color as the ball. The crystals are destroyed in an arbitrary order.