In the game "Millionaire" is involved from 2 to 6 players, each participant is given a role to play. For example, the banker in charge of the money, ensure the correctness of financial transactions, payment of taxes and premiums; stock broker oversees all operations with securities; insurance agent in charge of the issuance and repayment policies in critical situations, etc.
The game is played on a square field consisting of the 9 sectors, symbolizing the economic industry. 8 industries are represented by 2-3 companies and are located near the Central sector is the most expensive, 4 is located in the center of each side of the field. In the beginning of the game each participant receives a starting capital, to which he is entitled to buy shares or insurance policy.
For movement on the field the players throw two dice and move their chips on the winning number of steps. The movement starts in the cell "Start" and runs clockwise. The player rolls a double, goes again. However, three doubles in a row sends the participant to the tax police.
Each cell of the playing field corresponds to a company card with the specified price and the rental fees and tax payments. In addition, there are special cells under the naming "fortune" and "Chance", which are complementary and give players additional information. These instructions can be as pleasant, for example, exemption from taxes, or an unexpected win, and unpleasant: the payment of a fine, forfeiture of the shares or the need to expose private areas to the auction.
If the player stops at the cell with the free site, he has the right to buy or withdraw from the transaction. If he went to the cage of another site, you are obliged to pay to the owner rental services.
For each round players receive a bonus and pay taxes with the passage of the cells "Tax inspection". This cage is in line with the START cell and the opposite corner is the "Tax police." If the player got there, he must throw the dice three times, until you hit a double, or to pay a fine to leave the police station.
There's another surprise cage — "Jackpot". Once on it, the player puts money on the line and throwing one die three times. If you get a winning combination, the win is multiplied by the appropriate factor. If not, they go to the cash "Jackpot".
The insured event may be the lack of the player the necessary amount to cover costs, such as taxes or rent. Possessing appropriate insurance party can protect yourself from unforeseen crisis or bankruptcy.
The player, which owns all the enterprises of one industry becomes a monopoly and has the right to buy the branches. This increases the rent for his "guests", but at the same time, increases tax payments. The winner is the one who monopolisitic the largest number of branches, ruining the rest of the participants.