Perfumes have always attracted a different kind of fraud, so before you make your choice, make sure the quality and reliability of perfume or toilet water. To do this, pay attention to packaging. It must be undamaged, cellophane wrapper, if any, should be smooth and never scratched. The seams on the packaging must be neat.
Verify that all decals are legible and easy to read. The name of the country of origin may be specified in English or French. Also the package required a bar code. The list of ingredients on the packaging may not be present, but must be specified alcohol content in percent. A sign of forgery can not be the lack of a cellophane wrapper, as many producers of spirits are deliberately abandoned, so that the buyer can better evaluate the quality performance of the box.
Carefully consider the bottle. Manufacturers of expensive perfumes and toilet waters specially choose such a complex shape of the bottles to make them difficult to forge. The bottle must not have scratches, cracks, defective glass or bubbles of air in the glass. In addition, it should indicate quantity of contents in milliliters.
Read the certificate of conformity. It must be present in all areas of trade. If you are denied the opportunity to see it, it's a reason to suspect the trade in substandard goods and cancel the purchase at this place.
When you have brought the bottle home, put it on for a while in the fridge. If the perfume or toilet water will become murky, it is clear to say that the product is of poor quality, and you can contact the division for consumer protection. In the store, demand a refund.
Do not attempt to replace the defective product at the same point as you, most likely, again will try to sell the fake.