Classic helicopter

This is an option for vaginal sex. The lady lies on her back, male is on top, enters the member, then turns around diagonally. The idea is that during sex the partner should the partner be rotated left, then right. Now it is clear why this pose is called "Helicopter".

Some call the position the helicopter is the basis of Eastern, Tantra, indigenous and therapeutic sex. But theorists call it "pseudo-Oriental" pose, they claim that the helicopter is going to happen when both partners fall out of bed in the ecstasy of revolution.

With the delicacy of the execution is that the partners should lie with tightly clenched legs. Otherwise, do not get a solid "grip".

Well, to try or not such a position in bed - a private affair of each individual couple.

Helicopter in Russian

This position is more extreme and spectacular. If you are in the forces are not sure, then better not even try it again! For the performance in this pose you will need a very strong ceiling fan. The lady fastened a hand on the fan, legs raises, then throws them over the blades partner, raising her buttocks up high so the partner was able to enter the penis. Then turn on the fan...

Yeah, as mentioned above, it is better not to experiment with this pose, if you will, of course, are not fans of extreme sex and have tried almost all of the existing poses.

Reverse helicopter

Pose a "Helicopter" at all is unusual in itself, but the reverse helicopter still belongs to the most realistic. The woman should lie on her back, the man to lie down on top of her stomach, head to feet of the lady. The lady puts legs on shoulders, hands grasping the buttocks of the partner, so you can adjust the frequency with the depth of entry of the member. And what is there is a helicopter, you ask? Just a man from this position needs to turn clockwise during sex, then finishing in missionary position.

A simple helicopter

Many argue that spin and rotate is a waste of time in sex. To get a new pleasant sensation, it is enough to change the degree of occurrence of missionary.

Here we have considered the options pose "Helicopter", large of which are suitable for circus acrobats. To experiment or not is up to you, but keep in mind that many couples have had to lie as they fell from ladders, stairs, etc., without admitting that the cause of the injuries, and sometimes fractures, was "East" of sex techniques!