What to do if not working the button "Power/Lock" on the iPhone

There are several solutions to this problem, here are some of them:

- you can disable the button by using the charging

- you can reboot the device

- function can be activated Assitive Touch

Turn off an iPhone when the button with the charger

1. Connect iPhone to USB charging cable. Cable iPhone must be native, delivered with the phone. Further, the device connects to the USB port of the computer.

2. You must then wait until the screen lights up. If the battery of the iPhone ended, then you need to wait a little longer – up to several minutes. This time can be calculated to ten minutes.

3. After the screen lights up, to unlock iPhone you need to move the slider. To replace the phone recommended this option to enable Assistive Touch. (If the existing lock code before obtaining access to the device, we should enter)

How to reset iPhone without button

1. First go to the Settings app, then click on the "Basic" and "Universal access".

2. The page with the "universal access" in settings scrolled to the end, to the section "Physiology and Motility" where to select "Assistive Touch".

3. Next to "Assistive Touch" to translate the slider in the "on" position. On the screen you should see a transparent button.

4. Click on the button (the gesture "tap"). The available options Assistive Touch should appear after that in the window screen.

How to turn off iPhone with Assistive Touch

1. The icon tap the options menu Assistive Touch.

2. Menu tap the icon "camera", then "lock screen" long "tap" before the buttons "cancel" and "off".

3. Then click "turn off" is "swipe-right", then the phone begins to shut down.

4. To include with the faulty button iPhone connects to the computer with a USB cable.