Advice 1: How to make a screenshot on the iPhone

Sometimes you need to make a screenshot on iPhone isE. Despite the simplicity of performing this action, not every iPhone owner knows how to conduct such a procedure.
How to make a screenshot on the iPhone
In order for the iPhone to take a screenshot, press simultaneously the round key exit to the main menu on the front of your phone home and lock screen button at the top. Thanks to these simple steps, you will receive a screen of a process displayed on the screen in png format. The will be saved in the "Pictures" folder.
To make a screenshot on the iPhone is possible, while in any application, including during use of the camera.
To send a screenshot to a friend via email or social networks, to insert into your blog to post on the site, he needs to give an aesthetic appearance. This can be successfully delivered through the app Screenshot Maker Pro. It is possible to change the size of the screen, remove or add shadows and screen glare. And most importantly - the resulting screenshot can be inserted into the frame, simulating a panel of the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, IPad and other devices from Apple. App in English, however, the interface is easy and intuitive, so the lack of Russian language will not prevent its use. With the free version Screenshot Maker Pro you will be able to make a screenshot on the iPhone and edit it two times a day, which is enough for most users.
Many users also wondering how to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone without lock button, if it doesn't work. To do this, you can activate a special function to enable the buttons on the screen. To do this, you should go to settings of your smartphone select "Main", then find the item "Universal access" and enable "AssistiveTouch"
After that, the screen on top of the desktop key appears, moving along the edge of the display, through which you can without buttons to press Home, lock the iPhone, adjust the volume, do a screenshot if not working key lock.

Advice 2: How to send a screenshot

If you have any problems with installation or operation of any program, users generally call the customer service. To effectively address the problem of the author may be requested to send a screenshot (screenshot) of the message error. The image that is displayed on the monitor, often gives a more complete picture of the emerging situation than a verbal description. To send screenshot you can use any modern computer.
How to send a screenshot
You will need
  • - computer
  • - Internet
  • - private email
Before you begin, make sure that you see the items pictures which you want to send. Take the extra window so they do not obstruct the desired area of the monitor.
In order to make a screenshot of the full page, locate the keyboard key PrtSc (Print Screen) located in the upper right corner between the keys F12 and Insert and click it once.
If you need the only one currently active window, then the left hand press and hold the Alt key and right-click on the Print Screen. Pressing the special button puts the image in the computer memory.
To retrieve the image from memory, follow these steps: start — Programs — accessories — Paint. Logging into the image processing program Paint, click "Paste" or hold down the Ctrl key at the same time, click the V button.
To process and save a screenshot ofs it is not necessary to use only Paint. The desired action can be produced in a completely Luby graphics program installed on your computer.
After making the necessary operations in a graphics program on your worksheet will appear on the screen as a picture. Select File - Save as" in the corresponding field enter the file name using English letters or numbers.
By entering the username and password, log in to your email Inbox. Select "Write" and in the form that appears, write the recipient's email address, subject and text of the letter.
Right under your written text, find the button "Attach files". Click it and in the file list, select the saved screenshot. Click "Open". And press "Send" to send the picture.
To process and save a screenshot ofs it is not necessary to use only Paint. The desired action can be made in absolutely any graphics program installed on your computer.

Advice 3: How to take a screenshot on iPad

The Internet is constantly come across colorful screenshots made by users of the iPad. You also have this miracle device and you also want to share with the world interesting shots, but don't know how to do it? Easy!
Learn how to take screenshots, you can share with friends your achievements in games.

How to do a screenshot on iPad

So, you want to make a screen capture of the funny conversation, interesting frame of the clip, the funny character from the game or just important information. It's very simple.

You need to take the tablet in hand and simultaneously press the two buttons. The first button is the one you press, turning the app. She's the only one, which is located on the front of the tablet. The second button that turns off the device. It is located on the other side of the first button opposite the headphone Jack and near the camera.

By clicking on these two buttons simultaneously, you will hear a click and the screen ipad a fraction of a second will be white. This will mean that the screenshot is ready and it can be used. If you want to take a screenshot of the movie or video, it is better to put it on pause, pre-catching the desired image. In this case, you are guaranteed to get a pre-planned image.

The finished screenshot will be stored in your photo album along with the stored and removed on camera of your tablet photos. To access it you need to click on the icon "Photos", which by default is located in the bottom row of the screen of the iPad.

To take screenshots on iPad much easier than on computers.

Edit the screenshot in iPad

Ready screen captures before sending or posting you can edit. For example, you need to crop this shot to remove the extra parts. This can be done directly in the photo album. To do this, click the "Edit" button, select "Trim" to select the desired area, then save the resulting image.

Note that cropped photo is not forever. If desired, you can restore the original screenshot. If the cut part contains some secret information, it is better to use a third party program for image editing. Such apps are very much in the App Store.

Also in iOS 7 images, including screenshots, directly in the album you can apply filters to. Also available is a function of improving the photo and the "red eye". Of course, there you can rotate the photo.

Right from the album you can send the screenshot by email (if you have configured the email client), iMessage, Facebook and Twitter.

In order to expose the image for more editing (for example to emphasize something, circle or apply additional filters), use the application to work with images. App Store offers many paid and free apps.

For example, you can use the free app Aviary, which allows to perform multiple operations with images – cropping and overlaying framework, to applying filters, and creating memes.
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