In order for the iPhone to take a screenshot, press simultaneously the round key exit to the main menu on the front of your phone home and lock screen button at the top. Thanks to these simple steps, you will receive a screen of a process displayed on the screen in png format. The will be saved in the "Pictures" folder.
To make a screenshot on the iPhone is possible, while in any application, including during use of the camera.
To send a screenshot to a friend via email or social networks, to insert into your blog to post on the site, he needs to give an aesthetic appearance. This can be successfully delivered through the app Screenshot Maker Pro. It is possible to change the size of the screen, remove or add shadows and screen glare. And most importantly - the resulting screenshot can be inserted into the frame, simulating a panel of the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, IPad and other devices from Apple. App in English, however, the interface is easy and intuitive, so the lack of Russian language will not prevent its use. With the free version Screenshot Maker Pro you will be able to make a screenshot on the iPhone and edit it two times a day, which is enough for most users.
Many users also wondering how to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone without lock button, if it doesn't work. To do this, you can activate a special function to enable the buttons on the screen. To do this, you should go to settings of your smartphone select "Main", then find the item "Universal access" and enable "AssistiveTouch"
After that, the screen on top of the desktop key appears, moving along the edge of the display, through which you can without buttons to press Home, lock the iPhone, adjust the volume, do a screenshot if not working key lock.