You will need
  • round candy in a shiny Golden wrapper;
  • - a bottle of champagne
  • - colored paper in orange and green colors;
  • - scissors;
  • glue "Moment";
  • - decorative thread cream or beige.
First we cut out of orange paper squares and then wrap the candy to the middle. Previously on the candy wrapper you need to apply a small amount of glue to fix the paper into position.
Paper green do a wide long leaves (like a pineapple).
Next glue the bottle of champagne wrapped in a paper candy. To begin this process with the base of the bottle, moving the circumference up. The neck of a bottle must be left open. Glue the candies to the surface of a glass bottle on a normal paper glue will not work, you should use the high-strength glue (glue gun or "Moment).
Once all the candies are glued, you can proceed to the decoration of the neck of a bottle. For this to the base of the neck fasten the cut leaves a pointed part up and rewind them with decorative yarn or satin ribbon beige color. A bunch of paper leaves you slightly flatten to resemble natural vegetation.
This bottle of champagne in a pineapple can decorate a festive table or give it as a Christmas souvenir.