You will need
  • bottle
  • - acrylic paints, brush, sponge
  • glue
  • - napkins for decoupage
  • Polish
  • - scissors
  • - decorations (sequins, rhinestones, etc.)
  • fillers (sand, shells, sea salt, etc.)
  • lace
Ways to decorate a bottle there are so many. With some of them the appearance of glass containers can be changed beyond recognition. Before you start to decorate the bottle should be thoroughly washed with soap and water, dry and wipe with alcohol. The easiest way to decorate a clear glass bottle to fill it. You can use a variety of fillers colored sand, salt, stones, beads, glass beads, shells them, and beach sand you can fill a bottle brought from the resort), chips, dried flowers, berries, fruit and more. Room for imagination in this case is huge. Fill the vessel have beautiful layers that under a certain light and angle of view will turn into real paintings.
The next way to decorate a bottle is to decorate its surface. To do this, you can also use a lot of different decorative elements. Very nice looking bottle, painted with acrylic paints with glued rhinestones. You can also glue shells, beads, artificial flowers. If the glue thing is quite heavy – use glue "Moment", and while it dries, secure the item with tape. The bottle can be pre-painted or paint. If the glass has a pattern – it can be stress drawn with a thin brush.
If you are not afraid of laborious and delicate work, you can use the technique of decoupage. For this bottle first, thoroughly wash and dry. Cut-out wipes (you can buy them special for decoupage, but you can take and beautiful pictures. Glue them to the bottle with PVA glue or egg whites. Background color with a sponge. On top of the background you can paint additional decorative elements acrylic paint, glue rhinestones or sequins. Note, however, it is not advisable to use a large number of elements and more than 2-3 colors.
And the final touch. Zakuporit the resulting decorative vessel stopper, the bottle can entwine with string, lace or ribbon. If you cover the bottle with glue and sprinkle with semolina – get a frost effect. If you are going to use decorate the bottle as a vase – it stands to varnish. Well look in the vase dried flowers, grasses, twigs, etc.