Beautiful to decorate a bottle will help a variety of paint for glass, acrylic, contoured, as well as various brushes, napkins, varnish and glue. Such a thing would be exclusive, can serve as a great decoration unique decorative vase, a great gift.

Simply independently to decorate the bottle, making a wonderful vase. To do this, take a glass bottle, paint for glass, decoupage glue and a piece of fur. Need to paint the bottle with different colors, and to make a smooth transition from one tone to another. For example, from red to yellow, from yellow to green. The tone of the shades you can pick a variety which suits you best for decor. It is not necessary to delay the time at the time of coloring of the glass, since the glass paint dries very quickly. Need to colors are mixed, creating smooth transitions. For each type of paint you need to use different brushes. Once the bottle has dried, it can be decorated using decoupage glue and napkins. Decoupage technique involves the decoration, decoration of various objects cut out from paper. Ie cut out from patterned napkins image, and glue it on the bottle. When dry glue, to create the effect of convexity, apply contour paint line, repeating the pattern. Based paint can be different colors, such as gold or silver. Yet based paint dries, you can decorate the bottle. Using superglue make a little rim of fur. The final touch will be the cover picture decoupage varnish with glitter, which will give brightness to your beautiful product.

Another option for decoration of bottle can be the following example. To get the creation in the style of classic glamour, you will need a thick red or pink paint, sequins, feather, glue. First, you need to paint the bottle with acrylic paint, make a few strokes from the bottom of the bottle up to the neck of gold acrylic paint to bring out the luxury. The advantage of acrylic paint is that it is fine and evenly distributed. As the paint dries, use silicone or glue to glue some feathers matching the color. The bottle can be decorated with ribbon, as long as it is suited for color. To decorate the bottle sparkles, apply a layer of glue on the bottle, where it will show off this decor.