Why water helps weight loss

Water in the human body involved in a huge number of processes, including exchange. It not only provides cells with nutrients, but also washes away from their waste. In addition, without water there isn't a single biochemical process. In other words, without the fluid the breakdown of fats occurs much slower than could be, which, consequently, is not the best way impact on weight loss. Lack of water will lead to the fact that the body will begin to lose weight, but not due to the reduction of fat and by burning muscle mass.

Burning extra pounds is due to the fact that the fat is broken down. This process itself is toxic, and toxins usually affect the whole body, they poison. If diet and not drinking enough water, lethargy and headaches become constant companions. Water by nature is the best cleanser. She vyvodit from the body decay products and thus normalizes blood.

Water is beneficial for weight loss because it is able to quench the thirst that the body confuses hunger. The confusion is due to the fact that in the brain centers responsible for these needs, are very close. In most cases, when you want to eat, the body does not need food and water. The conclusion from all this: you will not exceed the prescribed amount of calories, and this means that you will lose weight.

Always want to lose weight quickly, so many for that, sit on a strict diet and hunger, while not adhering to drinking regime. In the end, the person loses weight, that's just the look leaves much to be desired, and all because there was all sorts of folds and stretch marks. The water will help to avoid these troubles. The fact is that proteins, which are responsible for smoothness and elasticity of the skin, have a gelatinous structure. Simply put, for normal operation requires a lot of moisture. Nourished skin without any kind of creams can be, but they moisturize it by only 20%. The remaining 80% of irrigated water, which is inside, that is in the body.

When losing weight it is very important to digestive system worked like clockwork. Saliva, gastric juice and bile - all these liquids cannot be formed in the liver without enough water. Failure to comply with drinking regime, disturbed digestion, the result is constipation. When such failures occur, the body lays fat loss in a drawer.

In the fight against overweight all means are good, and sports including. During exercise, the body begins to work much faster than at rest, so the muscles need to saturate with nutrients and oxygen. The transport role, as we know, is reserved blood. If you do not drink enough water, the blood becomes slightly thicker and begins to perform its function worse than it should. As a result, the cells starve, which has a negative impact on General health - there is a breakdown that gives a full workout.

How much and what kind of water you need to drink to lose weight

To calculate the amount of liquid that you must drink daily pretty simple. As long as you know your own weight. For 15 pounds of weight requires 0.5 liters of water. For example, a person whose weight is 75 pounds, drinking the norm will be equal to 2.5 litres.

How to calculate the amount of liquid it is clear, now it is necessary to understand the kind of water you need to drink in order to lose weight. The first thing to say is that the water must be clean. Soda, juice and other drinks can not be counted in the drinking norm at least because they contain calories. In addition, it can increase appetite, and that can't happen with weight loss. But weak tea without sugar can replenish water reserves, but it is better to give preference to simple pure water, as it quenches thirst much stronger, which is very important and useful for weight loss.