How to drink water during the day to lose weight?

Drinking clean water is important for many reasons: it is part of blood and lymph, stimulates production of digestive juices, supplies organs and tissues with nutrients due to their migration. In addition, without water the body can not quickly enough to deduce the decay products – either through the kidneys or through the skin, or even through the lungs, and it threatens not only the fat on different parts of the body, but intoxication of the body.

How to calculate how much water you should drink in a day? In fact - nothing complicated! For example, many doctors and nutritionists insist that the average person needs 2-3 liters. But it's average. It is better to use a scheme – 30 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight. It seems that so many, after all, we used to replace the pure water with other beverages, but over time, this water will become habitual for the body.

At the initial stage of weight loss for water it is necessary to remember how much liquid to drink. You can set reminders on any of the gadgets and drink in the signal after a certain period of time, developing a habit.

What to add in water to lose weight

Remember the most important rule - the body needs water without additives, so the first time refrain from the popular water recipes for weight loss lemon, mint, cucumber, ginger, etc.

The answer to the actual question "how to drink water during the day to lose weight" was found, but it is not a guarantee that every liter pounds would melt off as if by a magic wand. Weight loss on water at home - it is only a small part of the complex, which additionally implies a rejection of bad habits, revision of what, how much and when you eat. Do not forget about the necessity of physical activity – because movement is the key to longevity, but almost all physical activity bring a healthy thirst, to quench that pure water is a true delight!