How to drink water during the day

The most important factor in how to properly drink water throughout the day to lose weight is its amount. Scientists estimate that for the normal functioning of the body amount drunk per day of the liquid should match the number of calories from food. An adult eats per day on average 2000 calories, which should be contrasted with 2000 ml of plain water. Thus, the day should drink at least two liters of water.

Drink water throughout the day to lose weight – so do it gradually. In any case, it is not recommended to chug a two-liter bottle or even half of it – so the liquid is ingested and cause a deterioration of digestion and chair. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, make it a rule to drink a glass of water every hour. The average glass holds 0.2 liters of liquid, so for 10 hours actually working day, you will reach the required standard.

More complicated things will be for those who involved in active sports. First, count the number of food calories consumed per day. Exactly, but in the milliliters you have to drink water. Experienced athletes and trainers recommend increasing this value by one third or even half: during training the body burns a lot of calories, and excess moisture abundantly excreted through the skin with sweat, which is why it required more.

How to lose weight water and what to drink during the day

Representatives of both weak and strong sex often note that it is enough to drink two liters of water throughout the day to lose weight. Thanks to this cell are updated faster, the fatty tissue is formed more slowly, and harmful substances and toxins are constantly eliminated from the body during urination. However, some people make mistakes, which is not achieving the desired results.

A day you need to drink at least two liters of that water, and not any other liquid. For example, tea, coffee, soft drinks and especially alcoholic beverages are not considered. Moreover, all of the above violates the digestibility of the water. Even if you drank in the morning and evening glass of tea, it is necessary to add to the day rate two cups of water. Also, do not forget that it is not enough simply to drink water throughout the day to lose weight. To get rid of excess weight is impossible without active sports, refusal of bad habits, proper diet, rest and sleep.