You will need
  • Laptop with webcam
In any version of "Windows" is the application "Paint", it is available in the "Standard". With it you can capture pictures with web camera to do this, the menu "File" select "Get from scanner or camera". It is also possible to process the obtained image, however, the editor's capabilities in terms of processing the photo is very poor.
To be able to edit the resulting photos and apply to additional effects need a special program. On the new laptops, purchased from renowned manufacturers, as a rule, already has a brand app. If not, the web is available to download many paid and free applications to work with web camera.
One of the most popular programs in this area – "WebcamMax". You can download it on the developer site, there is a paid version and the free. The application installation will not take much time and does not require any skills.
The program looks like two Windows: the left picture shows the camera all she sees, in real time. In the right window you can choose how to edit and make videos and photos. To take a picture, click on the leftmost button under the preview window, it shows the camera. After that, there under the window will display thumbnail photos.
To keep it on the hard disk of the laptop, you need to click twice with the left mouse button on the image. Additional window will open and show the picture. On the right is a menu where you need to select "Export". If you click on it, Windows Explorer opens and prompts you to save photos in a folder. If desired, the place where are the photos saved, can change to any folder or flash media.
Now a photo saved as a file that you can edit in any graphic editor (for example, "Adobe Photoshop"), put it on the Internet or send via e-mail.
Another popular program for working with a webcam that can take pictures – "Webcam Surveyor". She is also easy to use, it intuitive interface: preview window and menu. Using the buttons under the preview window you can zoom the image using the digital zoom, adjust the image by changing the brightness, contrast, saturation, and color tone. There is a button with which you can take a picture imaged at the camera.
In addition, this application can do the delayed: in the window "Program Options" you can set the timer, and the photo will be made at the specified time, or will be made a series of photos after a specified period of time. Also in the photo you can add a date and time. Taken without leaving the app send an email.
To create photos with a webcam you can use the application "Webcam Plus!" It is very simple and contains a minimum of options. At the top of the program window there are buttons with which you can manage apps, including a button with a picture camera, clicking on which you can do the. In addition to single photo the program can make a series of pictures, and send pictures to the Internet. You can configure automatic publishing of images to the network after a specified period of time, while for the photo to superimpose the time, date, picture or any other text.
"CoffeeCup WebCam" is another popular app. It can do single shots on schedule and immediately send them to the Internet. Moreover, the program can recognize the movement in the frame and make a photo, and in the absence of motion to remain in standby mode. Here also can be applied to photos custom text made by the selected font and color.
This is not a complete list of various applications created to work with web camera, including the processing of photographs. It remains to choose what is most convenient.