What would web Cam no have you had built into a laptop or being an additional device to do through her photos is possible thanks to a special program that is commonly bundled with a hardware disk.
If you have a laptop "HP", use "HP Camera". Find it via the panel "start", start, and select settings for picture quality (size, contrast, brightness) that you need. Click on the image on the camera that you specified in the settings the folder will be stored your photos.
To take a picture of yourself with a web camera on a laptop "Asus", you can use preinstalled utility "Asus Camera Screen Saver".
For more pictures from the webcam of the laptop company Samsung, it is better to use programs that are not provided in the kit. To do this, download one of утилит6 "WebcamMax", "Crystal Eye", "OrbiCam". They all have understandable even for inexperienced users interface, so makes it easy to get a photo with any webcam.
On almost any laptop or computer, you can also take pictures by opening the folder "Scanners and cameras" find the webcam and click "Remove". Next to the picture of the device you will be able to see the photos. Click on it and go to "Next" set of photos a name and location to save the file.
If you managed to take a picture with your webcam, you can change it in any graphics editor. This can be used as a basic "Paint" and more advanced "Adobe Photoshop".