Network setup under the ice - activity complex and laborious. To start a successfully you need to cut down in the ice lane. Then it along the line to make holes (the optimal distance from one hole to another 2-3 meters).
After that, the lane descends a pole with a rope. The pole should be longer than the distance between the holes is not less than 50 centimetres.
Then with boat hook, rope weed out from one hole to another. After that, the rope tied to the top of the exaction and extend the network under the ice.
Note that during the installation of networks in shallow water we cannot allow the filler cord was near the bottom of the ice or touched it. This is necessary in order to tackle not frozen into the ice column, as in the frost growth of ice may be about 10 centimeters per day.
If you fish on the river, it is possible to do without drilling holes, and use for pulling network over. At the end of the network, you must bind the buoy Styrofoam or empty plastic bottle. This method is very convenient if the ice on the river had recently risen. Then through his column you'll see the movement of its displacer.
Also for pulling nets under the ice you can use a special "torpedo" that are sold specifically for this purpose in fishing stores.
If you are going to catch fish network in winter, it must be remembered that by mid-winter most of the fish goes with the flow in the backwater and pits.
Going fishing in winter, be especially careful. If you are not sure of the strength of the ice or see the ravine, he fishing should be abandoned. You should also carefully monitor their well-being - fishing with nets lesson is long, so it's important to take care of warm clothes and shoes, as well as hot tea in a thermos.