You will need
  • - fishing setepolotna;
  • - reinforcing rod;
  • rope or thick fishing line.
In order to weave a scarf, buy in fishing shop setepolotna the desired value. The size of the cells pick up depending on the type of fish you want to catch.
Take a reinforcing rod of diameter 3 to 5 mm. Spread setepolotna, cells at the edges of the canvas on both sides mark the rope or tape. Leave allowances, two or three cells for attachment.
Select the middle cell of the base fabric. Measure up a distance equal to the desired height tackle. The bottom middle cell must be under the top.
The edges of the gusset plate from the top to the brim with the two sides cut an angle, while each following row width must be greater than 2 cells previous. The result should be setepolotna triangular shape.
On the ends of the reinforcing rod with a chisel, apply 5 - 6 deep incisions with a distance of two centimeters. Around the lower edge of the canvas and thread a sturdy thread, secure it in the notches of strong nodes so that there was a small slack of the network edges (4-7 cm). The thread must not be twisted, and parallel valves. The length of the bottom edge of the network canvas and divide it into 4 equal parts, define the cells, which attach to the reinforcing rod thread.
In cells with a lateral side of the gusset plate pass up a thick fishing line or rope. Then pass the same rope on the other side of down. Attach a rope to the attachment point of the lower edge on both sides of the reinforcing rod. When you weave a scarf, ensure that the rope passed up and down through each cell in the network canvas.
Leave on top of the scarves up to ten inches of rope to make a loop for fastening. The desired height is easy to obtain, pulling and stretching the network fabric on the side broiling. The upper hinge attaching the scarves tighten a normal node.