The reasons for pulling the feathers themselves may be several. This may be due to the mentality of a parrot, with the living conditions and feeding, with the emergence of diseases such as fungus, or the emergence of parasites.

Possible causes

  • Improper feeding of a pet is the most common cause of loss of feathers. Parrot need to feed the food that suits him. In the special feed contains more useful vitamins and minerals. Do not attempt to feed him with sausage or meat, it is bad for his health.
  • It happens that the parrot infected with parasites. This can be pogoed, peroid, the itch mite. Livelihoods parasite irritate the bird, and she plucks her feathers out. So the parrot was able to help myself, supporting the hygiene in the cage is placed a container of sand. You can also help the bird using wormwood or chamomile pharmacy. Dry these drugs are rubbed into the pen cover. The cage should be treated with turpentine, then treated with boiling water and dried. To avoid infestation, the cell sprinkle the powder of dried chamomile, sage. Will also help Shia leaves of birch and cherry.
  • If the parrot treat fatty ointments, feathers, remains of medicines in the form of plaque, which parrot can't get rid of. For this reason, he plucks the feathers entirely. If not to get rid of oily plaque on time, the pulling of feathers can be a parrot in the habit.
  • The reason for willfully parting with feathers can be stressful. For example, the loss of a partner. Parrots are very sociable birds and the fact of separation drives them into depression. Parrots must be busy with something in the cell. They love to sort out small items. Let him have a diverse Arsenal of stuff. It can be beads, jewelry, pins, caps, everything that interested him.