You will need
  • - methodical instructions;
  • - directories of the base prices.
Find and review guidelines for the compilation of such estimates. In particular, for estimating the construction uses the "Method of determining cost of production for construction" issued by the state Committee for construction. Repair and restoration can be used other official guidance. Such documents can be found, for example, on the Internet on specialized sites dedicated to the construction and building products.
Adjust the reference prices for design and survey works. If construction is conducted in Moscow use Moscow, and if in other cities - Federal handbooks. It also publishes special monthly indexes of price change. To get yourself reference books and indexes by downloading them from a special Internet resource.
Make itself the estimate of the PIR. To do this, determine what materials and activities of employees are used in design and survey works at your facility. Then find their average value in their respective directories. The cost should be adjusted in accordance with the coefficients of the current month.First calculated the estimated cost of each type of work and materials separately, and then summarizes the overall result, meaning the entire potential amount of the cost of design and survey activities during construction of the facility.
Specify the total costs estimated at a feast in a special consolidated report of the estimated, which takes into account the calculations of the cost of construction at all stages and at all cost. Data for this estimate are taken into account in the section "Design work".