You will need
  • computer;
  • architect;
  • - the subcontractor.
To calculate the cost of design works, contact the professionals from a nearby office building. If you want to calculate the cost of the project by yourself, you can follow the link This is a guide price on the construction.
Calculate the cost of architectural and construction part – it will be about eighty percent of the total project cost. To see how much will cost services of the architect, find out how many years he worksAET in this area: the richer experience of the architect, the more prized his work.
Also keep in mind that the more complex the project and the greater the volume of project documentation, the higher the price of the project. Specify worksand supports the architect in the home or practices in the design Institute: in the latter case, the price will be more. The higher the prestige of the engineering firms, the higher the price for her services.
Calculate the amount that would be required for construction and installation works: the cost of timeworkskey adjacent sections (electrical, ventilation, sewage, water, heating) will be about 5-10 percent of this amount.
Find a qualified subcontractor: it is with the help of working drawings will be able to do all the calculations and prepare documentation for schematic wiring. Moreover, he will select the set of equipment that will be optimal in a particular situation, it will save you money on the engineering part of the project, up to a third of its value, depending on the complexity of the technical work.
The calculations also consider that the cost model or re-used project on average five percent less than the individual value, while an exclusive project will cost you about 10 percent more expensive.
Also assume that the architect has the right to ask you for additional charges if:- he'll have to invite for consultation of specialists from other professions (landscape architects, civil engineers, quantity surveyors);- you will be asked to perform a layout or perspective;- storage workss architect is located more than thirty kilometers from the site. In this case you will have to pay his transport costs.