Before to proceed to the calculation of estimates for project work, you must determine the regulatory framework. It is from this base and will be estimated. As such a base can serve as the standards established by the state and the individual. For the most accurate cost estimates will need to establish in which district the project is designed for. This is very important. After all, the cost difference in different climatic zones, geographical areas were significant. So it is necessary in the first place to determine the coefficients used in the specific estimates, to fill the local estimates of a single rate.
Preliminary construction cost must be calculated even at the preliminary stage. In the preparation of preliminary estimates, should be used maximum aggregated indicators. These include, for example, hectares, square meters. In addition, it is acceptable to use indicators similar construction projects.
At the design stage required more precise calculations. After all, there are already design drawings. On the basis of their need to carry out a full estimate of the total construction. For such estimates it is necessary preparation for each individual cost object and local estimates. In General, the estimates need to include all design and survey costs. Calculations should be carried out on all types of work separately. In addition, they must be grouped by structural elements of the object. The estimated cost for the development of the project can be repeatedly adjusted, in case of clarifying the methods and nature of work.
Overhead costs in the estimate must stand. Separately for each contractor must be calculated in local estimate wages. But the most basic cost items, the estimate can be calculated and other.