The grills for barbecue


If we are talking about a country variant – probably better to buy a solid heavy grill. Usually, the weight depends on the material of the heavier – more durable construction and longer service life. Perhaps, to give worth to buy cast iron grill.


For short suburban trips are more suitable for small grills, made in the form of a collapsible design. Unfortunately, they almost always be for owners of the "disposable" because they are extremely difficult to take because of very high temperatures, which keep the walls of the grill.


To assemble the grill a snap. Just enter the pins in the puzzle located on the side of the structure and secure them with your fingers or with pliers. Assembly takes no more than a few minutes and can be done right on the spot.


How to marinate skewers


To shish kebab cooked on the grill that turned out delicious, it is not only important to choose the right meat, but not to be mistaken with the marinade. There is a Golden rule: the marinade sauce is the best to put a little less salt and spices than to overdo it with them. Because the barbecue is supposed to support in the form of hot sauces, and salads, but because it's easy vapidity of most go unnoticed.


Marinated skewers are not in order to highlight its taste. Rather, it is too. But the main function of a marinade is to soften the meat fibers and make ready kebab softer.


Meat is better to marinate in mixture of soy sauce and lemon juice. If doing skewers on the grill made with lean beef, veal, goat meat in the marinade should add any vegetable oil. For skewers of fatty pork oil is not needed.


Fish (especially salmon) are best marinated in lemon juice, adding prenosologic herbs – thyme, rosemary, Basil. The preference for fresh herbs, but if not, dried will also work.


For the chicken skewers can be prepared the marinade from a mixture of vegetable oil, lemon juice and juice of garlic, which gives the bird cooked on the grill, a very interesting spicy flavor.


Marinate the shish kebab is not more than 2-3 hours. Otherwise, triggered the physical law of inverse osmosis, and liquid of meat, poultry or fish goes back into the marinade.


How to cook barbecue


It is important to give the charcoal grill a good burn. Only then can you put meat cooked kebab on skewers. The distance between the pieces to leave is not worth it – they will waratsea. But try to avoid contact of the skewer with the sides of the grill. First, the pieces will burn up and will exude a very pleasant smell. Secondly, then have to clean the grill with any abrasive material, which will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the coating of the walls.


Cook the skewers on the grill is easy, if you comply with two mandatory conditions: to try to place the skewers once damped the fire, and to provide airflow. Well to do barbecue in windy weather. But if a good day and no wind – it is necessary to construct branches of "the fan" and to fan the coals placed them on the barbecue for additional generation of smoke.


It is important to monitor the uniformity of cooking barbecue. To do this, the skewers need to periodically change places and rotate around its axis. In a well cooked kebab thin fried crust coexists with juicy flesh that can only be achieved if you stick to this rule all the time to monitor the grill.