How to make gold in Avataria

A lot of gold to get in Avataria for free playing wheel of fortune. If you are lucky in life, then good luck will smile to you one day and you will be able to win 4 gold coins.

If you consider yourself to be patient, diligent and smart, it is best to use a method of performing various tasks when you earn gold.

For solved problems in the game you will be able to get a gold coin.

Your character also can go to school and to perform tasks in exchange for correct answers one or two of gold.

If you feel ready to test your knowledge on school exams, try to earn 50 coins. You need to collect more than 275 points.

To get the gold Avataria for free, if every day to go to the game. Earning coins even do not have to do anything. With daily visits to the application on the fifth day you will receive one of the coveted coin, on the tenth to five, on the fifteenth to seven.

The game also has a special section "free Gold". You can enter it and perform different tasks in complexity, which will also bring you some coins. The higher the difficulty level, the more you can earn. In some jobs you have to invest real money, translating into a score of voices, however, and earn gold to them quite a lot.

How to get gold in Avataria for free without SMS

For the impatient developers Avataria provided the option of buying gold for votes. For every vote you get 10 coins. The more gold you buy at once, the more profitable the deal.

Not every player is willing to invest in the app your real money. Get in Avataria gold without free SMS you can use a variety of bugs, codes and cheats.

At the moment there is a bug in the game that allows you to receive free in store clothes, and then resell it. To do this, go to the Department of purchasing of things to choose the right suit. When you see a window prompting you purchase, it will need to close. The computer must translate the date in the system a year ago, and then again to select the desired purchase. These things should be purchased.

For those who want to get gold fast and a lot, designed a special cheats. However, most of them not only that are non-working, but also may threaten the safety of your computer. If you do decide to download the code or cheat, do it only at trusted resource. To get the gold in Avataria free much safer without the use of bugs and cheats.