Advice 1: How to get gold in Avataria free

In the social network Vkontakte is a great game Avataria. It is possible to communicate with your friends, complete various quests, dress up your character in glamorous suits. To shop in the game store, you need a lot of gold - the game currency. It can be bought for votes and money. If you still don't know how to get in Avataria gold for free, be sure to check the methods described below.
How to get gold in Avataria free

How to make gold in Avataria

A lot of gold to get in Avataria for free playing wheel of fortune. If you are lucky in life, then good luck will smile to you one day and you will be able to win 4 gold coins.

If you consider yourself to be patient, diligent and smart, it is best to use a method of performing various tasks when you earn gold.

For solved problems in the game you will be able to get a gold coin.

Your character also can go to school and to perform tasks in exchange for correct answers one or two of gold.

If you feel ready to test your knowledge on school exams, try to earn 50 coins. You need to collect more than 275 points.

To get the gold Avataria for free, if every day to go to the game. Earning coins even do not have to do anything. With daily visits to the application on the fifth day you will receive one of the coveted coin, on the tenth to five, on the fifteenth to seven.

The game also has a special section "free Gold". You can enter it and perform different tasks in complexity, which will also bring you some coins. The higher the difficulty level, the more you can earn. In some jobs you have to invest real money, translating into a score of voices, however, and earn gold to them quite a lot.

How to get gold in Avataria for free without SMS

For the impatient developers Avataria provided the option of buying gold for votes. For every vote you get 10 coins. The more gold you buy at once, the more profitable the deal.

Not every player is willing to invest in the app your real money. Get in Avataria gold without free SMS you can use a variety of bugs, codes and cheats.

At the moment there is a bug in the game that allows you to receive free in store clothes, and then resell it. To do this, go to the Department of purchasing of things to choose the right suit. When you see a window prompting you purchase, it will need to close. The computer must translate the date in the system a year ago, and then again to select the desired purchase. These things should be purchased.

For those who want to get gold fast and a lot, designed a special cheats. However, most of them not only that are non-working, but also may threaten the safety of your computer. If you do decide to download the code or cheat, do it only at trusted resource. To get the gold in Avataria free much safer without the use of bugs and cheats.


Advice 2: In Avataria become Keeper

In the month of August last year, the developers of the incredibly popular currently game Avataria created a new system of punishment for dishonest players. Prior to this innovation in the following order only the moderators, but now this responsibility rests on the shoulders of the Guardians.
In Avataria become Keeper

The first thing to remember is for everyone to be in the game Avataria the Guardian is that to obtain this status can only be a player who is level 15. If you are on a lower level, then this opportunity you are missing. Once you start to play the game, you are an ordinary resident, as your reputation does not exceed 25 points, but if you will keep order and to complain about certain players, you will be able to go through all eight steps of the game to your desired status of "Guardian".

To quickly gain reputation, you should daily send complaints about spam, flood, swearing players and so on. Important: complaints should be sent to the message written in the General chat. Don't ignore and insult the players, their offer for the gold you give them your phone number or any other information. Against the message, written in large letters in the chat, and will add you to the reputation the three points. Pay attention to the nicknames, and if you notice a violation of the rules (for example, nick contains a bad word) - to submit a complaint. To do this, open the passport of the player and left mouse click on the red flag next to the name.

Remember, complaints can be submitted if the player generates an event that violates the rules of the game. To find spam, flooding and other things need to be approached with the utmost seriousness, in any case, do not send complaints if you are not sure that the rules violated, because of unfounded complaints reputation decrease, and for every four points. The same subtract one day bezdeystvuete. It is not to cheat the reputation, as in the elucidation of this fact you just "banned".

It may seem that to gain reputation, but it is not. To become a Guardian, you must have the reputation of not lower than 550 points. But to reach it you need to go through the following stages:

Resident (reputation to 25), at this stage there are no bonuses and limitations.

The observer (reputation strictly from 25 to 65), at this stage, the first promotion is the probability of game resources is increased by as much as 20%.

Assistant (reputation from 65 to 110), to the previous next added bonus, if you purchase vip status the number of days is incremented by one. For example, you buy the status for five days, but in the end it will be six.

The guardian (your reputation must be from 110 to 190). At this stage a bonus - good luck in each mini game "Wheel of fortune".

Citizen. As soon as your reputation reaches 190, you will automatically receive this status, and to it a bonus in the form of a 5% discount in shops Avataria.

Activist. Go to the stage you can once your reputation is "step over" the mark of 270 points. You will also receive the bonus "Top active players".

Sentinel is the next step which you need to pass in order to become a Guardian. You get close to the goal in the level, as soon will be passed the milestone of 460 points. At this stage you will have the possibility to create events with the stars.

Guardian - the last step which you should overcome to the Keeper (bonus stage - unlimited number of shifts Nika). Once the reputation is above 550, then your goal will be achieved and you will be able to settle for the long-awaited status.

Advice 3: In Avataria to win in races on the machines and sarfah

Racing serff or car can bring an extra silver, but it is only in case of winning. If win does not succeed, then you will lose some energy, so it is not surprising that to be a loser doesn't want to. When composing tactics, you can rely on their intuition and try to match all the previous as their combination and the combination of adversaries.
In Avataria to win in races on the machines and sarfah

In Avataria to win in races on the machines

Racing cars is a very popular sport in the game. To participate you must first purchase a car and place it in your home. Continue to offer one of the players to make the race (it is enough to click on the character and select "race"). Don't forget that "ride" in the game can offer and your avatar, you can either agree or refuse. Remember that the race requires energy (30 units), it can be purchased at the canyon for gold.

So, once your call "race" will be accepted for 90 seconds place the objects to the opponent so that he was unable to guess your combination (at the same time, the opponent also puts a combination for you). Next, arrange the combination for themselves (guess what, you cook your opponent). Wins the one who guesses more combinations and, accordingly, will score more points for the right answer you are awarded 25 points penalty - deduct 5). The winner get 10 points of energy and 125 silver.

To win, be best for the enemy to create a combination to either two accelerations or two of them were to each other, with the selected combination was between the remaining two the same combinations. UFO - on its discretion. Example: UFO - obstacle - acceleration - acceleration - barrier.

For yourself, make the combination so that "UFO" was between either two "catch" or two "maneuver". Example: maneuver - maneuver - catch - UFO - catch.

In Avataria win in the race for serff

The principle serff racing similar to racing cars. That is, you also need to offer the players a ride on serff, and with the consent of the one to create a combination for him and try to guess which combinations will be the enemy for you. It is believed that the most successful are the combinations for the opponent and for yourself, where tactics are repeated twice. For example, to the opponent, you can make a bonus - bonus - barrier - barrier portal, and for yourself - to catch - catch - Dodge - Dodge - portal.

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