Advice 1: In Avataria to win the jackpot

Popular social networks in a virtual game Avataria interested many – it is played as children, adolescents, and adults, solid people. Even if in real life something is not going well, this game allows you to make any plans: to become successful, rich, even get the jackpot in Avataria. However, the risk to be bankrupt in case of loss, so you need to choose the right strategy.
In Avataria to win the jackpot

How to win the Jackpot in Avataria, not too risking?

Initially, all autarchic have equal rights. They are free in their actions: they can communicate with other characters, trying to assert themselves, gain financial independence and get additional features. Every day, each player can either spin the coveted Wheel of Fortune – for this he gets free chips. Everyone can win silver, gold or the one with the Jackpot. Unfortunately, it's not always as easy as it seems, but still there are several ways of winning the Jackpot in Avatari.

Method # 1

The Internet is the ability to download the special codes to perform the desired action. If you are not afraid to pick up together with the correct codes and even malware, you can use this method to get the desired cheats for free or for a certain amount. Cheat need to download, then run the program file. After this you need to login to the game and to see what you can hit Jackpot. In the program in the Value field to specify the desired number of coins, then select the server on which you are to choose a social network through which I play), and press the "apply" button. Then you can turn the wheel of Fortune – win will be yours.

Method # 2

To be able to use this method, it is necessary not less than ten free chips. Starting the game in the "Wheel of Fortune", click on "Spin". When the wheel starts to slow down, but still have time to stop, you have to quickly press the space bar and not let go until until the arrow closer to the sector "Jackpot" as close as possible, then release the button. Very important speed of hands and lightning reflexes to make it on time.

Method # 3

There is another possibility to win the Jackpot in Avataria. To do this, three times to try to win it and not become bankrupt. If you win the gold in the same day to spend the money on all three things. The next day you need to win twice in a row, also to spend the money. If these conditions are met, the third day you definitely will be able to get this sum.

Is it possible to return the lost pieces in the wheel of fortune?

A lot of grief gives players a loss, but in this game, as in any other, there are loopholes, tricks and secrets. The next time you lose your chips, we need to wait to appear on the screen display "game paused". Up to this point, don't press any button. You can then log in Avataria again to verify that the tokens were left untouched.

Not at all immediately get to apply the knowledge from the first time to win the Jackpot in Avataria – don't worry, it's just a game, so we should try to do it repeatedly.

Advice 2 : How to win the jackpot Avataria"

Those who have no day can not live without the fairy tale in social networks Avataria and wants that his game character will drop a bag of gold, you need to understand - there are no miracles. And if to speak more precisely - that there are happen, but only if not lazy, at least try to get lucky. Any avid gamers Avataria knows what capture when playing the wheel of fortune. If someone else doesn't know how to win the jackpot in Avataria, now will be revealed the main secret.
How to win the jackpot Avataria"

Why everyone wants to win the jackpot in Avataria? On the won money a character can have a good rest, spend the day shopping, equip and furnish an apartment, to acquire desired things in the short term.

A chance to win the jackpot in Avataria is at all, as each player gets free chips to be able to spin the roulette in a casino.

Let's start from the beginning. The lucky owner of ten chips the local casino, have a little luck. First, you need to go to the game and to start spinning the "wheel of fortune". Everything here is similar in analogy to a real casino. First, the roulette is spinning quickly and then the progress slows down. It was at this time may very coarsely be lucky and luck may be on your side. Simply click on the keyboard the spacebar and see how arrow roulette is coming to the top mark. A lucky person may immediately, in the first game, win the jackpot in Avataria.

In addition to the simple "lucky" way to win the jackpot in Avataria there are other, no less popular among the players.

To win you can also, if three times in a row to win on "wheel of fortune" (it is possible even at low rates). The resulting gain should be spent on the purchase of any three things in the store. It should be noted that buying the items needed on the day of winning, otherwise it will not work. The next day, you will need to win twice in a row. And by analogy with the previous day you need to spend the money to buy two things in the store. And finally, on the third day must be lucky and coins from Avataria won in the jackpot will fall on your character from the horn of plenty.

And finally, the last method, which take the players to win the jackpot in Avataria is to install on your gaming PC special program of Chita. With Chita can "cheat" win by playing "wheel of fortune". Successfully hitting the jackpot, you can enrich your character and buy all the necessary things in a store or even to start their own business. So, to win the jackpot in Avataria need to find on the Internet (for example, on the torrent) is the program cheat to win the jackpot. Then you need to download and install according to instructions. If there are any difficulties in the installation, then follow these paragraphs:

  • find the downloaded folder the file with the extension "exe" and run it;
  • open on your PC, in your usual browser game Avataria;
  • specify the amount of a possible jackpot win and remember it, or even better record;
  • in the running file with the extension "exe" will open a window where you must write in the amount;
  • to put a check mark on the game in our case is "Avataria";
  • click on the "apply"button.

What about those, whose side ran out of luck at the right time? Upset just not worth it. There is a small trick that will help keep the chips. If you lose just need to wait for the scoreboard treasured inscription "game paused" and quit the game. The next time you enter the game, the chips will remain intact. So if you fail to win the jackpot in Avataria the first time, this opportunity is just postponed for later.

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