You will need
  • - collect without soothing chamomile;
  • - antispasmodic or analgesic;
  • - warm bed.
Painful spasms in the abdomen (algomenoreya) when menstruation occur because of uterine contractions, which gets rid of unnecessary fabrics. These pain can be felt not too hard, but can be so intense that women are forced to resort to medical care. In addition to the monthly cramps are often accompanied by General deterioration of mood and well-being. All of these symptoms, it is possible to remove or, even better, to prevent their occurrence.
Gynecologists recommend if you often have pain during menstruation to think about diet. About five days before the onset of critical days we need to abandon heavy fatty food, fruits and vegetables that cause rapid fermentation in the digestive tract. But also tasty favorite food is able to lighten the mood, which will make monthly is not such a big problem. To choose in this case, based on their individual experiences.
Many women in moments of intense bouts of spasms helps heat warmer, bath (no more than 15 minutes) or a duvet. But to use the increased body temperature is possible only in case, if you have no diseases. Often the heat can cause increased secretion of the menstrual blood.
A gentle massage of the abdomen with a clockwise direction will reduce the pressure of the intestines on the female organs and thus facilitate the painful condition. Also during menstruation can be kept in the fetal position with a tucked belly and legs. If you fall asleep, do not worry, day dream in this state is also useful.
Oddly enough, but the health during menstruation can be improved by using a easy physical exercise. Hiking in the Park, cleaning the house or playing music to help distract and relieve the tension in the groin area.
For prevention of painful menstruation regularly need to exercise, not SuperCool and not wear clothes that compress the abdomen. If the pain persists, once to take a pill antispasmodic or analgesic. To take pain medicines every time is not recommended, as this may cause a dependence on chemicals. Allowed to drink warm soothing herbs but chamomile in their composition should not be, because it causes increased blood flow.
When severe pain, not passing a day or more, too heavy bleeding with clots (liver) need to see a doctor. It is better to call an ambulance, because you may become ill in the road.