Get enough sleep. Healthy sleep is incredibly important to the health of women, for beauty of our skin, for the active work of the brain. Sometimes it is enough just to relax, to feel clever and beautiful.

Worth a try to go every day at the same time. This rule applies to the morning rise. The body gets used to the routine and you will feel energetic and cheerful.

If adherence is a challenge for you impossible, try at least to go to bed early (the most useful dream – to 24.00). Therefore, it is best to go to bed about 10pm.

Move more. Even half an hour of active movements a day will help to feel better. Simple and most favorite girls types of physical activity – dancing and Hiking.

Ditch unhealthy habits. This applies not only to Smoking and abuse of alcohol and consumption of junk food, long sitting at the computer and other things. Place harmful chemical carbonated drinks better is homemade lemonade or green tea. Drink plenty of water. Fried foods should be replaced by more useful baked.

Another simple secret to better health is cleaning the house. It is well known that a messy house increases the stress. Let General cleaning will bring harmony into your home and into your soul.

And the last secret – just smile. A good session of studying never hurt anyone.