The most simple and affordable method is coating the surface of paper or fabric. The surface for this pre-sanded, removing the old varnish or paint, then primed, applying 2-3 coats of acrylic primer in the desired color with a wide brush or roller. Before applying each subsequent layer, you must ensure that is completely dry previous.

On the dried layers of primer applied paint or a layer of PVA glue. When these layers dry, you can begin to decoupage. On the surface are arranged to be gluing items. This may be a special decoupage card, both whole and cut from them slices, or three-ply large napkins and pieces of them, pre-released from the bottom layers of paper. You can use magazine clippings or photos, fabric, lace, skeletal leaves.

Stick with a wide stiff brush and PVA glue, from the center of the fragment to the edges. You need to follow in order not to leave air pockets, but at the same time not to damage the thin paper extra touch. This method of decoration allows you to turn an old table in blooming meadow in the map of the world or in the vault of old nostalgic photos.


With the help of drawing you can transform all, given that the paint perfect for any surface, and fixing the result lucky. Enough of two contrasting colors to the table was completely transformed. Can be hand-painted or ready-made stencils, in choice of subject also, there are no restrictions.

For a start, the surface should be thoroughly sanded, wipe the dust with a damp cloth and apply several coats of primer. To draw, you can start right on it, and can be further toned surface in the desired color. The finished picture after drying, cover with several layers of lacquer, and the table is ready.


For table decor with mosaics it is necessary the table surface sanding, apply primer, paint. The place for drawing of the pattern of the tiles is covered with glue. Prepared fragments of tiles spread on the surface, pressed against the top of the cargo and leave to dry. After drying, the seams between the tiles processed by the grout, the excess shall be removed from tiles. When the tiles and grout has dried, the top can go through several layers of a suitable varnish. Sometimes the mosaic top is covered with glass or plexiglass for extra protection.