There are two types of crutches: axillary and podokonnye. Axillary crutches is the usual our eye bearing, they are high, sustainable, and help with walking because carry part of the weight of your body on the upper part of the body. Podokonnye crutches shorter and easier, but walking on them required a certain skill, because support is carried out on the forearm. What would you crutches choose, pay attention to the fact that they can be adjusted for height. From better materials to choose from wood or metal from lightweight aluminium.
To move around the room, up the stairs, on shopping centers use crutches with rubber caps on the end — this tab do not give the crutches to slide on a smooth surface, and on the stairs is very important. Besides, it is very convenient, and in modern models of crutches these tips can change due to wear and tear.
So to descend the stairs, go to the top of the stairs and move forward with your injured leg can bend slightly. It is important that it does not touch the steps. Do not pull the leg forward strongly, not to lose balance and not to exert too much effort to maintain balance.
Put both crutches on the next step so that they were stable, not swaying and slipping from the step. Make sure that when you transfer weight on the crutches, they will not drift or "go" in hand. Safer, if you're down near the railing, to be able to grasp them with the loss of balance.
Leaning on crutches, carefully place the healthy leg on the same step where crutches are standing. Do not make sudden jerks and swings a leg, do not attempt to put a foot on the step lower than the crutches — it's harder to keep balance and control the fulcrum. No need to hurry, make sure you confidently established on the healthy leg.
After this, move both crutches to the next level and repeat the above steps. No need to rush when descending stairs, especially if this is your first steps on crutches or the first experience of ascent or descent of the stairs. Well, if you'll have people ready to support you if you start to fall.