With makeup you can visually adjust the shape of the nose to make it visually shorter and narrower. To cope with this task, you can ask any girl on their own, without any skills in the art of makeup. So, to visually reduce the nose will need three toners of different colors. The first shade is the base, the second - half shades lighter than the natural color of the face, the third is half a tone darker than the natural color of the face (it is worth remembering that if the skin on your nose dry or is peeling, the Foundation is required to use moisturizer, otherwise, eventually, the adjustment will be unsuccessful).

How to make a nose using makeup

To visually make the nose already, you must first all over the face to apply a base Foundation and evenly distribute it, pay special attention to the neck, to smooth out all the transitions. Then apply quite a bit more light means on the back of the nose and darker on the wings and lateral parts. Carefully shade correcting means by means of a brush or a special sponge. To fix makeup loose colorless powder.

How to make the nose shorter with makeup

If you have the desire to visually make the nose shorter, it is necessary to carry out the same steps as above, then apply on the tip of the nose a little makeup in a dark wash and carefully shade it. In this case, it is worth remembering that the adjusting means only need very little otherwise it is possible to obtain the effect of "dirty nose".

How to make a snub nose using makeup

In order to visually make the nose snub, apply Foundation darker tone on the back of the nose in its lower part and feather, then use a brush to gently hold the dark line just above the tip of the nose and again to feather, but lightly. The tip of the nose much to lighten (you can use as a light powder, and white or beige matte shadows).