Causes and symptoms of migraine

Depending on the nature of the headache can be assumed the cause. As a rule, a strong throbbing pain in the right or left half of the head occurs with migraines. This disease is characterized by sudden attacks of severe headaches localized in the temporal-orbital region. Often the migraine is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, photophobia. The pain is of a throbbing character, enhanced by minimal movement or extraneous sound. The attack of vomiting the patient brings temporary relief. Duration of attacks may vary from several hours to several days. Suffer from this disease most often women from 20 to 40 years.

The basis of migraine lies a short-term narrowing of the arteries responsible for blood supply of the brain, with its subsequent rapid expansion, causing a ripple effect of pain. The causes of migraines are not fully elucidated, it is assumed that plays an important role hereditary factor. Sometimes migraine can cause fatigue, lack of sleep, stress or food poisoning. It is also believed that the periodic spasms of the blood vessels that cause migraine attacks develop when there is insufficient production in the body hormones melatonin and serotonin, which are responsible for elasticity of blood vessels.

Before the appointment of treatment the doctor should prescribe the patient a full examination of the condition of the arteries, and to identify predisposing factors and eliminate them.

Pinching of the occipital nerve

Often the cause of permanent headache is cervical osteochondrosis, which violated the blood vessels and the nerves extending within the spine. Depending on the damage localization and symptoms of headaches can vary. In unilateral impairment of the arteries pain occurs on the affected side. If disadvantaged Vienna, the patient's face engorged with blood, because it disturbs the normal flow of blood, increased intracranial pressure. When such diseases affecting mental performance, impaired memory, sleep.

Cluster headaches

This disease often affects young men aged 20-40 years old. This disease is characterized by piercing pain in the eye, which spread to the entire half of the face occurring without any external causes, mostly at the same time. During the attack the patient red face, eyes also filled with blood, there is lacrimation, is a stuffy nose. This disease is characterized by seasonality, the frequency of the attacks can reach 1-5 times a day, they can last from 15 minutes to 2 hours and the pain medicine is ineffective. The cause of this disease is not fully understood but it is believed that they develop in lesions of blood vessels and nerve clusters.

Sometimes the cause of headaches can be eye diseases, including glaucoma, and tumors of the brain.
To determine the cause of the headache and prescribing the right treatment, you need to consult a doctor physician. If necessary, he will prescribe the consultation of neurologist, ophthalmologist, vertebrologist, and other narrow specialists. This will help to take timely measures to prevent disease progression and possible complications.